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Keeping It Green

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Oct. 13, 2017 
Environmental Scene

Everything you want to know about
the environment is only a click away.

Learn about our neighborhood Earth, and how to
protect it from those who seek to profit from it.
Are they looking out for the health
and environmental consequences?

Why do we call it Our Neighborhood Earth?

Because whether you call it: "terre", "dharti", "di qiu",
"la tierra", "zemlia", "Erde", "jord", "De aard",
"chikyu", "di qiu", "mundus", "Zamin", "daigdig",
"Kawkab al Ard" or "Tero", it's still our neighborhood.

A Year of Life on Earth in 3 Minutes
Click on the above link to watch a short video of what
a year on our neighborhood earth looks like.

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