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Updated: Apr. 20, 2018
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  • The U.K.: Take This Coal and Shove It
    The UK Just Went For a Record
    55 Hours Without Using Coal

    April 19, 2018 -Coal fueled the world for more than 100 years, but now it’s being pushed out of the market. Recent evidence for that can be found in the United Kingdom, which just set a new record by going nearly 55 hours sans coal. The UKs energy sector went from 10:25 p.m. on Monday to 5:10 a.m. on Thursday without utilizing coal for power generation.

    Click now for the Inhabitat&nbs;story.

  • Another Bad Week for the Coal Industry
    Another Bad Week, (Make That Month),
    For The Coal Industry

    Feb. 26, 2018 -It’s been a bad week for the U.S. coal industry. On Monday, Michigan-based Consumers Energy announced that it planned to close all its remaining coal-fired generation by 2040; the company already had closed seven of its 12 coal plants in 2016.

    “I got tired of going on my walks and seeing cigarette butts everywhere,” But this week is hardly unique. Just last Friday, FirstEnergy said it was going to close or sell the 1,300 megawatt coal-fired Pleasants plant in West Virginia by Jan. 1, 2019 after being unable to convince federal regulators to approve a deal between two of the Akron, Ohio-based holding company’s subsidiaries that effectively would have moved the facility from the open market into rate base, forcing consumers to pay for the plant even if it was no longer economic.

    Click now for more evidence that in the energy race, coal is being left in the dust, from the Energy Collective.

  • France Will Leave the Coal in the Hole
    Ready to Shutter All
    Coal Power Stations by 2021

    Jan. 29, 2018 - French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged to shut all of his country’s coal-fired power plants by 2021.

    “We've also decided to make France a model in the fight against climate change”, Mr Macron said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    Click now for more of the
    story from The Independent.

  • Coal Rescue Will Just Have to Wait
    Trump Will Have to Wait Another
    Month for a Plan to Rescue Coal

    Dec. 11, 2017 - The Trump administration, which was looking to have a plan in place this week to bail out America’s coal country, will instead have to wait until the new year.

    Click now to learn why.

  • What to Keep Alive - Sea Life or Coal Jobs
    Australian Election Is
    Shaping Up as a Fight over Coal Energy

    Nov. 22, 2017 - Queensland, Australia, goes to the polls, and the issue defining the election is being billed as a choice between creating new jobs and saving the Great Barrier Reef.

    The Labor Party has promised it will reject $900 million in federal funding for a rail link to the proposed Adani Group coal mine in Queensland because of environmental concerns. The link is needed to carry the coal from the interior of the country to the shore along the Great Barrier Reef. The Liberal National Party, on the other hand, does not want to threaten the thousands of jobs that could come from the mine, providing work to an area of the country with over 12 percent unemployment. Both parties have played up the issue, framing “coral or coal” as the choice voters are being asked to make.

    Click to read the M.I.T. Technology Review story.

  • Despite Trump's Promises Coal's Future Remains Bleak
    The Sector’s Long-Term Prospects For
    Hiring Remain as Bleak as Ever

    Nov. 13, 2017 - U.S. utilities are shutting coal-fired power plants at a rapid pace and shifting to cheap natural gas, along with wind and solar power. And domestic demand makes up about 90 percent of the market for U.S. coal.

    Click to read the Reuters article.

  • Coal Leasing Ruling Applauded by Environmentalists
    Federal Appeals Court Hands
    Major Victory to Environmentalists

    Sept. 15, 2017 - Environmentalists have been trying for years to block federal coal leases on climate-change grounds with limited success. The ruling by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will require the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to provide more data to support its argument that coal makes no net contribution to climate change after it’s burned in power plants. The BLM oversees leasing of vast Western tracts that supply much of the nation’s coal.

  • Trump Has No Idea What Clean Coal Is
    Hep Makes a Confusing Reference to It.'

    Aug. 23, 2017 - "We’ve ended the war on beautiful, clean coal,” he said. "It's just been announced that a second, brand-new coal mine, where they're going to take out clean coal — meaning, they're taking out coal. They're going to clean it— is opening in the state of Pennsylvania, the second one."

    Those words—which seemed to describe physically cleaning chunks of coal—was met with confusion and ridicule online. The term "clean coal" is typically used to refer to the practice of sequestering carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants and either storing the carbon underground or putting it to use in other industrial processes.

  • Major ‘Clean Coal’ Project Put On Hold
    Why Was Major So-Called
    'Clean Coal' Project Put on Hold?

    July 1, 2017 - After running billions of dollars over budget and falling years behind schedule, an effort to generate power from gasified coal – part of the push for so-called ‘clean coal’ – was indefinitely suspended this week. The Kemper County plant, owned by Southern Company and its subsidiary Mississippi Power, will continue to operate using natural gas.

  • Coal Falls Hard Because of Renewables
    Coal Falls Hard As Renewables
    Continue to Surge, BP Reports

    June 15, 2017 - Coal continues to fall hard as renewables surge worldwide (including in China), all despite the Trump administration wanting to go back to the “good old days.”

    If Trump does not believe the persistent reports that our world’s energy system is moving towards cleaner alternatives, here is yet more proof the world is going towards renewables. This time from one of the world’s top fossil energy companies.

  • Presidential Coal Fact-Check
    FACT CHECK: Is President Trump
    Correct That Coal Mines Are Opening?

    June 2, 2017 -The Claim: “The mines are starting to open up, having a big opening in two weeks. Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, so many places. A big opening of a brand, new mine. It’s unheard of. For many, many years that hasn’t happened. They asked me if I’d go. I’m going to try.”

    Short Answer: Yes, mines are beginning to open up, including a new one in Pennsylvania. But that doesn’t reverse the overall decline of the coal mining industry from its glory days.

    Long Answer: The coal mines that are opening up produce a special kind of coal used in steelmaking, and are opening largely because of events unrelated to federal policy, experts say. The market for the kind of coal used in electricity — the biggest use for coal — remains down relative to where it was several years ago.

  • PSE Negotiating Coal Contract Extension
    Despite Growing Customer
    Demand For Clean Energy

    June 1, 2017 - Puget Sound Energy, the largest utility in Western Washington, is negotiating an extension to its coal supply contract that could extend the life of the Colstrip Power Plant in Eastern Montana, despite persistent calls from its customers to move away from fossil fuels.

    Click to read this non-breath of fresh air.

  • New Jersey Closes Coal Plants
    PSEG Closing Its 2 Final
    New Jersey Coal-Fired Power Plants

    May 30, 2017 - The largest energy provider in New Jersey is set to close its final coal-fired power plants.

    Public Service Enterprise Group will close the Mercer and Hudson generation stations on Thursday as inexpensive natural gas has made it no longer profitable to run the coal plants.

    Click to brinmg a sigh of relief.

  • India Rethinks Coal as Solar Prices Plummet
    India Cancels Plans for Coal Power
    Stations as Solar Prices Hit Record Low

    May 26, 2017 -India has canceled plans to construct nearly 14 gigawatts of coal-fired power stations in the country as prices for solar electricity “free fall” to levels once considered impossible, The Independent reports. Experts expect a profound shift in global energy markets as the cost of solar has dropped by 25 percent in some regions.

  • According to Oxfam: More Coal = More Poverty
    More Coal Will Only Result
    In More Poverty, Reports Oxfam

    May 23, 2017 - Increasing the number of coal mines will only increase the level of global poverty stemming from the consequences of increased climate change and the direct impact coal mining and burning has on local communities.

    These are the primary conclusions from a new report published this week by the international poverty organization Oxfam. The new report, More Coal Equals More Poverty, focuses primarily on Australia’s coal-related policies and plans as one of the world’s leading exporters of coal. Much has been said recently about Australia’s energy policies — too much to get into here — specifically regarding the plans to build a massive new coal mine in Carmichael, in the country’s northeast, by Indian conglomerate Adani (which has recently been deferred indefinitely).

  • As Coal Jobs Decline, Solar Sector Shines
    How Solar is Replacing Coal

    May 6, 2017 - That’s a reality more miners face, as coal jobs have shrunk by 40% since 2011. What is growing is the number of jobs in renewables. Solar power accounts for just under 1.5% of electricity in the U.S., and yet, according to the Department of Energy, there are more than twice as many jobs in solar as in coal.

  • Why the Merry Old Soul Can't Save Coal
    Here’s Why Trump’s Plan
    to Save Coal Industry Is Doomed

    Apr 27, 2017 - Donald Trump’s policy efforts to rejuvenate the coal industry are unlikely to succeed.

    We’ve argued that for some time, of course. But a new report from Columbia University, which shows that regulations have played only a small part in the decline of the coal industry to date, lends extra weight to the thesis.

  • What the Coal Museum Knows that Trump Doesn’t
    The Coal Museum
    Switches To Solar

    Apr. 7, 2017 - The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum is switching to solar energy. It's in Harlan County, Ky., and depicts, quote, "the lives that revolve around the coal industry." And WYMT reports the museum gets its power from solar panels. Solar is just cheaper, saving thousands. Communications director Brandon Robinson admits it's ironic but adds coal is still king.

  • Another EPA Disaster About to Happen?
    EPA Seeks to Scuttle Cleanup
    of Coal Power Plant Pollution

    Apr. 19, 2017 - The Trump administration is once again seeking to scuttle cuts to pollution from coal-fired power plants.

    The EPA on Tuesday asked a federal appeals court in Washington to postpone consideration of 2012 rules requiring energy companies to cut emissions of toxic chemicals. .

  • Europe Says “No” to Coal -Trump Says “Yes”
    EU Utilities Vow End
    to Coal After 2020,
    as Trump Promises Revival

    Apr. 6, 2017 -Citing climate change and the Paris climate agreement, EU energy companies in 26 of 28 countries make momentous pledge to stop building coal plants.

  • It’s Doubtful that Will Coal Jobs Return
    Trump’s Promise to Bring
    Back Coal Jobs - Doubtful

    Mar. 29, 2017 - Industry experts say coal mining jobs will continue to be lost, not because of blocked access to coal, but because power plant owners are turning to natural gas. At least six plants that relied on coal have closed or announced they will close since Trump’s victory in November, including the main plant at the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona, the largest in the West. Another 40 are projected to close during the president’s four-year term. -Sad!