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Updated: July 20, 2017

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Finance News

  • Financing Energy Storage Projects Financing Energy Storage Projects:
    Assessing Risks — Part Two

    July 13, 2017 - In part one of this article, we discussed the types of energy storage and the incentives that are supporting its development. Now let’s look at the financing issues and the project risks associated with energy storage today.

  • Apple's Clean Energy Financing Apple Issues a Second Green
    Bond to Finance Clean Energy

    June 19, 2017 -Apple Inc., which issued the biggest green bond ever sold by a U.S. corporation last year to finance projects fighting global warming, is doing it again.

    On Tuesday, the iPhone maker issued a $1 billion green bond to fund renewable energy generation. It builds on $1.5 billion worth of bonds the Cupertino, California-based company sold a year ago to further its goal of running 100 percent of its operations on renewable energy.

Finance News

  • Financing Your Solar Facility 5 Tips to Get Your Solar Facility Financed

    Nov. 29, 2016 -Here is a list of best practices to make the fniancing process as easy as possible. Examples are based on either a ground mount or rooftop solar facility that is not constructed. However, this process can be used for constructed projects or wind power, waterpower, renewable natural gas or energy storage projects with some modifications.

  • Solar Backed Bonds Solar-Backed Bond Opens New
    Path for Renewable Energy Financing

    February 2, 2016, Renewable Energy World -Early in 2015, a unit of Shenzhen Energy Group Co. started looking for ways to find new sources of capital for solar plants that wouldn’t compete for cash with its parent company’s hydro and coal projects. The answer was a new kind of security and a first for China.


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