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Updated: Aug 15, 2018

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Puerto Rico School is
Ready for Next Hurricaine

-from Renewable Energy World

Lloyds Will No
Longer Finance Coal

-from CleanTechnica

Ireland: 1st Nation to
Fully Divest in Fossil Fuels

-from 350,org

Many Dead In Japan Amid Rainfall and Landslides

-from Oregon Public Radio
PR Grid Fix No Loyds Coal Money Ireland Divests Japan Flood

Aug 12, 2018: About 140 students, teachers, administrators, and neighboring community members this week celebrated the installation of a solar plus storage solution at the SU Manuel Ortiz school in the Yabucoa district of Puerto Rico, one of the regions hardest hit by Hurricane Maria last year. The solution, which is called a SunCrate, was installed on Saturday August 11 and features 12kW of PV capacity and 52 kWh of storage capacity.

The system is large enough to power the entire school should the grid go down. In addition, the school functions as a designated Community Emergency Response Center in the event of future natural disasters.

The project began as a humanitarian effort. Companies from across the renewable energy spectrum Ė Black and Veatch, Tesla, Canadian Solar and Lloyd Electric ó came together to build a resilient solution for hard-hit Puerto Rico.

Aug 3, 2018: One of Europeís largest banks, Lloyds Banking Group, has announced this week new policies which moves to solidify its support for the transition to a low-carbon economy by ceasing new funding for coal-fired power stations or thermal coal mines.

Earlier this year, Lloyds Banking Group launched a £2 billion funding scheme aimed at supporting UK businesses invest in reducing their environmental impact while also increasing their productivity. The initiative was an increase on the bankís existing £1 billion sustainability commitment and serves to support businesses in reducing their carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and improving water efficiency, to name a few.

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July 9, 2018: The Irish Parliament makes history!

Today the government of Ireland gave the world a big reason to celebrate: it became the first nation on earth committing to divest fully from fossil fuel companies. The bill is expected to become law by the end of this year, and Irelandís Ä8bn sovereign fund will start ditching all its oil, coal and gas assets.

Irish activists have done amazing work to make this happenóIíve watched with awe as activists from environmental groups and the Catholic social justice movement have transformed the debate in the country. But every one of you can take a little credit: the groundswell thatís been building around the planet for divestment derives its power from everyone working together toward the same end. Itís all one big fight.

July 9, 2018:†Dozens of people are presumed dead in flooding and landslides triggered by massive rainfall in Japanís southwest, and the numbers are expected to increase, Japanese officials said Monday.

Government officials said more than 100 people are dead, while Japanís Kyodo news service put the figure at 116. The news agency said the death toll is expected to increase as officials reach affected areas to assess the situation.

Tens of thousands of people were trapped by floodwaters in numerous prefectures. In Okayama, one of the hardest-hit prefectures, more than 1,000 people were temporarily trapped on rooftops after the Oda River broke three dikes that had held the floodwaters back.

Search operations carried out by Japanís Self-Defense Forces were continuing. Floodwaters are gradually receding, according to reports from the area.

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