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June 4, 2018
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A Nearly Unheard
of Antarctic Meltdown

-from Climate Central

Taxpayers To Bail
Out A Dying Industry?

-from CleanTechnica

Sierra Club Will Sue
Coal Plant for Pollution

-from Alegheny Front

California Will Require
Solar on All New Homes

-from Inhabitat
Antarctic Meltdown Sierra Sues Sierra Sues Floating Nuke Plant

June 17, 2018: Antarctica is unfreezing. In the past few months alone, researchers have chronicled a seasonal waterfall, widespread networks of rivers and melt ponds and an iceberg the size of Delaware on the brink of breaking away from the thawing landscape.

A new study published in Nature Communications only adds to the disturbing trend of change afoot in Antarctica. Researchers have documented rain on a continent more known for snow and widespread surface melt in West Antarctica last summer, one of the most unstable parts of a continent that’s already being eaten away by warm waters below the ice.

The findings, published Thursday, indicate that last year’s super El Niño played a large role in driving the meltdown, but researchers are concerned that overlaying natural climate patterns onto the long-term warming driven by carbon pollution could put Antarctica’s ice in an even more precarious position.

June 2, 2018: The Trump administration is considering a plan that would order utility companies to purchase electricity from coal and nuclear generating plants even though the cost of that electricity will be higher than what they pay natural gas facilities and renewable suppliers. In other words, the Trump administration wants to force you to buy more expensive, dirtier electricity that is more likely to cause you health problems and perhaps even premature death.

Bloomberg reports a memo outlining the plan is circulating inside the administration. The memo, marked “Draft” and “Not for further distribution,” was leaked to Bloomberg. “Federal action is necessary to stop the further premature retirements of fuel-secure generation capacity,” the 41 page memo begins.

May 7, 2018: The Sierra Club says it will sue a coal-fired power plant near Pittsburgh for excessive air pollution.

In a legal letter called a “Notice of Intent to Sue,” the group says the Cheswick Generating Station is allowing soot and coal ash to fall on the surrounding community, and isn’t operating its pollution control scrubbers as much as it could be.

The Sierra Club claims that’s causing the plant to emit excessive amounts of nitrogen oxides, which cause ground-level ozone, or smog.

Tom Schuster, senior campaign representative for the Sierra Club in Pennsylvania, says Cheswick isn’t running its emissions control scrubbers as often as it could be.

May 7, 2018: California is taking a huge step forward in clean energy, as the state is expected to require solar panels on just about all new homes, The Orange County Register reported. The California Energy Commission is slated to vote this Wednesday on new standards mandating almost all new houses be equipped with solar panels, beginning in 2020, and it’s expected they’ll approve the move.

The Golden State “is about to take a quantum leap in energy standards,” according to California Building Industry Association technical director Bob Raymer. If approved, the solar mandate would cover all houses, apartments, and condominiums as high as three stories obtaining building permits after January 1, 2020, according to The Orange County Register. There could be alternatives or exceptions allowed for structures shaded by other buildings or trees, or if a roof is too small to allow for solar panels.

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