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Solar Product Sales Expanded at Home Depot

-from Reneable Energy World

Ozone Layer Recovery Falters Unexpectedly

- from the Climate News Network

Breakaway Iceberg
the Size of Delaware

- from Mother Nature Network

U.S. C.O.C. Wants
a 25c Per Gal. Increase

- from Clean Technica
Wind Farm Drought Ground “Breakaway NJ Gov

Feb. 2, 2018 - Tesla Inc. is planning a major expansion of its solar division at Home Depot Inc., embarking on a critical test of the mainstream appeal of its renewable energy products.

The tech pioneer, best known for its electric cars, is beginning to roll out Tesla-branded selling spaces at 800 of the retailer’s locations, the company confirmed to Bloomberg News. The areas, which will be outfitted during the first half of this year, are staffed by Tesla employees and can demonstrate its solar panels and Powerwall battery.

Lowe’s may be coming next.

Feb. 6, 2018 - LONDON, – The Earth’s protective ozone layer is not recovering uniformly from the damage caused to it by industry and other human activities. And scientists are not sure why it isn’t.

An international research team says the ozone, which protects humans and other species from harmful ultraviolet radiation, is continuing to recover at the poles. But recovery at lower latitudes, where far more people live, is not.

The layer has been declining since the 1970s because of the effect of man-made chemicals, chiefly chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and similar gases, used mainly in refrigerants and aerosols.

Feb. 14, 2018 - In July 2017, an iceberg weighing about 1 trillion tons broke off of Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf, but it's hard to put that event into perspective. NASA scientists finally got the chance to see this behemoth berg in person a few months later, and they took some stunning shots for the scrapbook.

Stretching some 2,240 square miles — or about 259 square miles larger than Delaware — Iceberg A-68 defied the expectations of NASA Earth Observatory science writer Kathryn Hansen: "I was aware that I would be seeing an iceberg the size of Delaware, but I wasn’t prepared for how that would look from the air. Most icebergs I have seen appear relatively small and blocky, and the entire part of the berg that rises above the ocean surface is visible at once. Not this berg. A-68 is so expansive it appears if it were still part of the ice shelf. But if you look far into the distance you can see a thin line of water between the iceberg and where the new front of the shelf begins."




Feb. 13, 2018 - The US Chamber of Commerce is proposing the federal government raise the gasoline tax by 25 cents per gallon, in 5 cent increments over 5 years. The levy has not been raised in 25 years because of weak-willed politicians who are scared to death of uttering the word “tax” in public. The proposal comes at an interesting time. The alleged president wants to blow a trillion and half dollar hole in the federal budget paid for by slashing or eliminating Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

So far, the proposal has elicited not a peep of protest from the Tea Partiers and Freedom Caucus members of Congress who got elected by promising voters they would never ever, under any circumstances, cross out hearts and hope to die, approve any spending that results in a budget deficit or increases the national debt. So much for integrity..

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