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Updated: July 9, 2019

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  • Best New Books For July 2019
    Best 13 New Books For July 2019

    July 1, 2019 -New books this month also examine environmental racism, wildlife coexistence and the history lessons of acid rain.

    Summer is officially upon us, which means it’s time to pick the season’s best beach reads. And there’s no rule that says beach reads have to be frothy and lightweight. Why not choose compelling and informative instead?picked the best new environmentally themed books coming out this July, with titles covering everything from insects and salmon to climate change and plastic pollution. There are even a few eco-poetry collections for those of you who’d like a little art with your inspiration.

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    article from Revelator Reads.

  • Free Energy E-Books
    Offered by the Climate reality Project

    - After a long – and in some places very cold – winter, spring is finally here. With flowers blooming and trees blossoming everywhere, it’s a reminder of the wonder of the natural world and what’s at stake with our climate changing.

    Learn how the climate crisis impacts the world around us – from the ground beneath our feet to the water in our streams – and what you can do in your daily life by checking out our free e-books.

  • AEE Energy Books
    Books By and for Energy Professionals

    - Browse an outstanding selection of books and other informational media resources for energy and facility involved professionals.

  • Green Books by Jennifer Robert
    Jennifer Roberts Green Book Collection

    - Author of Good Green Kitchens, Good Green Homes and Redux: Designs That Reuse, Recycle and Reveal, Jennifer Roberts is a freelance writer, consultant and nationally recognized expert in green buildings, green products and green living.

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Of Interest

  • 50th Anniversary of
    Rachel Carson's Death
    What We Need to Know About Rachel Carson

    bio - True Story - Biologist Rachel Carson alerted the world to the environmental impact of fertilizers and pesticides. Her best-known book, Silent Spring (See below), led to a presidential commission that largely endorsed her findings and helped to shape a growing environmental consciousness.

  • 20th Century's 10 Most
    Influential Environmental Books
    The Reviewer's List

    The Reviewer - The Reviewer, an Internet book review site invited authors, journalists, scholars, and readers to nominate books to a "Top Ten" list of environmental books of the 20th Century

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