Barry Zack is a retired software project manager, who had been awakened many times in the middle of the night by staffmembers of the American Stock Exchange and its technology arm, •  SIAC. These panic calls were not the result of poorly designed application software that could prevent the exchange from opening at its usual 9:30 AM time, but a fear that when ever new applications were introduced, someone along the design chain may have nodded off, and the potential for disaster loomed large.

In the quietude of web designing, these pre-dawn phone calls no longer interrupt his sleep. Still, once an insomniac always an insomniac, but now that sleeplessness is more caused by the dangers posed by Climate Change than software change.

To ease his guilt of living in the most wasteful nation on Neighborhood Earth, and paying his taxes (which the government seems to want to spend on anything but improving the environment), he tries to do what he can to assuage these feelings.

Barry's C.V.

Besides running this site, these are some of the things
Barry does or has done in his spare(?) time

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