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  • Fridays For Future

    FFF is a global climate strike movement that started in August 2018, when 15-year-old Greta Thunberg began a school strike for climate. In the three weeks leading up to the Swedish election, she sat outside Swedish Parliament every school day, demanding urgent action on the climate crisis. She was tired of society’s unwillingness to see the climate crisis for what it is: a crisis.

    Read more about what they do by clicking now.

  • Climate Change

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  • Climate Change in SW Florida
  • Degrees Of Change
  • How Hot is Your Town?
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  • The Greenhouse Effect
  • The Hot 10 Climte Songs
  • The Causes & Consequences

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  • A Climate Crisis Haiku
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  • Your City's CC Future

  • Of Possible Climate Change Interest

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  • Alaska: 4th National Climate Assessment
  • Paying Farmers to Bury Carbon Pollution In Soil
  • Not Your Daddy's Yellowstone
  • Looming Water Crisis Affects 25% of Humankind
  • Oil Companies Push For a Carbon Tax
  • The Rapid Thawing of the Permafrost Layer
  • The Atlas The USDA Forgot to Delete
  • AT&T Maps Out Climate Change Dangers
  • Can We Reverse Climate Emissions?
  • The Human Element Documentary
  • Climate Change and Tornado Effects
  • 6 Week Lessons on Climate Solutions
  • Must-See Climate Change Films
  • Taking a Leaf Out of Thoreau’s Book
  • Download a Climate Change Free eBook
  • It's Never Too Late to Change Your Mind
  • Defending the Climate Against Deniers
  • Coastal Cities That Can Disappear
  • Asia's Vital Rivers
  • Are Climate Change Debates Debatable?
  • Graph: The Relentless Rise in CO2
  • A Solar Solution For Desalination
  • Sarasota Climate Change Meet Up
  • Youth Climate Lawsuit
  • Engaging U.S. Latinos on Climate Changee
  • Not a Happy Easter for This Island
  • What Should Know About Asia's Rivers
  • Ask What Can We Do for the Climate
  • Climate Change and Mercury Toxicity
  • Great Barrier Reef's Great Challenge
  • What the Melting Glaciers Really Indicate
  • Artificial Glaciers To the Rescue!
  • Copenhagen Copes With Climate Change
  • It's Our Planet (While We Still Have It)
  • Greenhouse Gasses and Climate Reality
  • The Carbon Fee & Dividend Act
  • What About 'No Glacier' National Park?
  • Family Planning & Climate Change
  • A Conversation with “Her Deepness”
  • Oh, the Seas, They Are Arising
  • Climate Change by Air, Land and Sea
  • Climate Change Arguments Through Cartoons
  • Kelp: The Climate-Friendly Vegetable
  • Biodiversity at the The Climate Law Institute
  • Climate Change in Photographs
  • Global CO2 Levels in Weather Reporting
  • The Great Climate Migration
  • PrpPublica Support for the Above Article
  • San Francisco Wall Not to Keep Mexicans Out
  • Some Times, Michael Moore Should Just Stop
  • Global Warming's Six Americas
  • Lebanon Flooding Affecting Refugees
  • The Biggest Climate Stories of 2019
  • Climate Perspective-Explaining Extreme Events
  • Climate Change in the Eyes of he Public
  • Your State's Climate Change Risk
  • Carbon Offsets Can Fight Climate Change
  • 6 Climate Leaders Tell Their Story
  • Does Sweden Have a Climate Change Solution,?
  • Heat,Hunger War: Force African's Road on Fire
  • Can Scotland’s Rising Seas Heritage Be Saved?
  • Climavore (Good-Tasting Conservation)
  • The Climate Refugee - A Growing Class
  • How Flood-Vulnerable Is Miami?
  • How to Answer a Climate Skeptic
  • Strongest Cyclone in African History
  • Carrots & Sticks of Proposed Climate Policy
  • Food and Climate Change
  • Americans and Climate Change Thinking
  • How Many Are Climate Change Believers
  • U.S. Corporations Signing On to Paris Accords
  • 2019 Climate Change Optimism
  • Is CC Responsible For Catastrophic Floods
  • Trust the Weather Man on Climate Issues?
  • 20 Ways to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint
  • Here’s a Weather Forecast for 2100
  • Climate Change’s Affect on American Birds
  • U.S. Cities Climate Change Litigation
  • A Louisiana Village Fights for Time
  • Climate and Environmental Justice
  • The Role of Tropical Forests
  • The Importance of Mangroves
  • The Climate Accountability Scorecard
  • Predicting San Francisco in 2075
  • Learn How Your State Makes Electricity
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    Climate Change / Global Warming News Stories

    (For the past 3 months)
  • Climate Change Increases Dog Ticks' Taste For Human Blood
  • Climate Change Makes Leaves Fall Sooner, Store Less Carbon.
  • Australia Braces For First Major Heat Wave of Fire Season
  • First African American Cardinal Is a Climate Change Leader
  • Satellite Provides Understanding the Effects of Climate Change
  • Arctic Scientists Are Shocked at Warming
  • Rivers’ of Air Are Cracking Open the Antarctic
  • Animal Mobility in the Arctic is Changing
  • Warming May Make Hurricanes Weaken More Slowly
  • World Ports Are At Risk
  • Wealthy Countries: Spend More to Fight Climate Change
  • Vladimir Putin: Are You With Us or Agin US?
  • The Complex Effect of Sea-Level Rise on Communities
  • Arctic Sea Ice Continues to Decline
  • A Climate Tax on Meat?
  • Greta Thunberg Hears Your Excuses
  • Ice Melt's Vicious Cycle
  • Climate Change Threatens St. Augustine, FL
  • 5 Reasons to Rethink the Future of Dams
  • Arctic Methane Deposits Starting to Release
  • Leave More Fish In the Sea: Help Tackle Climate Change
  • Lightning Grows as a Cause of Damaging Fires
  • Extinction Rebellion Climate Change Protests
  • Ice Loss Will Continue Even If Climate Change is Halted
  • A New Dust Bowl May Be Coming
  • Mourners Hold a Funeral for a Dead Glacier
  • Tsunamis: Alaska's New Climate Threat
  • Huge Ice Shelf Breaks Off in Canada
  • 3 Thousand Year Record Set for Ocean Temperatures
  • Climate Change Killed Half the Corals in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Water Water Everywhere - Oceans Are Not Alone in Heating Up
  • A Climate-Driven Housing Crisis
  • What’s Green, Soggy and Fights Climate Change?
  • The Origin of Large-scale Changes in Our Climate
  • Prince William Announces 'Earthshot' Prize
  • The Hottest September Ever Recorded
  • There's An Awful Lot of Fire in Brazil
  • Cities Need to Plan for New ‘Climate Migrants
  • Climate Change Impact On the World's Rivers
  • Greenland Will Lose Ice at Its Fastest Rate in 12,000 years
  • Donating a Part of Our Income to Fight Climate Change
  • Global Warming's Potential Irreversality of Antarctic Melting
  • Having More EVs Will Not Alone Solve Climate Change Crisis
  • Is Climate Change Driving California’s Record Wildfires?
  • The Climate Crisis Tipping Points
  • Oregon Rain Brings New Threat After the Fires
  • Melting Ice Sheets Could Increase Global Sea Level Rise
  • It's Not Just the American West That's Ablaze
  • Species Escaping Ocean Heat Waves
  • Oregon Faces Down A ‘Once-In-A-Generation’ Crisis
  • More Than a Billion Face Displacement by 2050
  • The Warming of Thwaites Glacier’s Icy Underbelly
  • Bering Sea Winter Ice Sets Record Low
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    Causes and Consequences

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    Meat Consumption CO2 Pollution Concrete's Footprint Deforestation
    Ice Meltdown Poor Regulation Population Growth
    Sea-Level Rise


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    Climate Change in Your City's Future

    Using the Calculator (click the image for more)
    The free to download ESD Research app was developed by EarthSystemData together with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change at East Anglia University. It’s being launched the same week the United Nations COP26 climate conference was supposed to start in Scotland (which has been postponed until next year due to the coronavirus pandemic).

    The simulations allow users to see what their city would look like in 2100 if global warming is limited to below 2ºC, which is the goal of the Paris Agreement from 2015. Then, as a second scenario, it shows the results of a “moderate” emissions reduction, with global temperatures reaching about 4ºC in 2100.

    Using it is pretty straightforward. You go into the app, type in the location you want to look at and then the app shows simulations of the current climate and projections of the future with the two possible scenarios. ESD Research is already available to download for free in the Apple Store and in Google Play.

    The researchers at Tyndall said that many cities are predicted to warm by approximately the same as the planet average by the end of the century — both in the low CO2 emissions and the moderate CO2 emissions projections. The warming in the Arctic could be more than double or more the planetary average increase in temperature.

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