Climate Change Art

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Keep Earth Green Fan Art: Global Warming Emotional Art Used to Tackle Climate Change Issues Abstract of Climate
Change Devastation
Art Print: Drought Land,
Climate Change, Hot Summer
What Did Munch Know in
1893 that We Didn't?
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Climate Change ‘Hitting
Harder & Sooner’ Than Forecast
Glastonbury Festival 2070? Coping
With 4? of Global Warming;
Climate Change
and Tropical Forests

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The Effects of Floods
ane Droughts by 2030
Climate Change and Fascism,
One Haunting Mural At a Time
The Ind. Revolution Kick-Started
Global Warming - But When?

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Environmental Impact Art

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Exploration of Humanity's
Environmental Impact
Environmental Consequences
and Assessment
Heightening Public Consciousness
About Environmental Impact
Art And Science High-
lighting Environmental Impact
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The Beauty(?) of
Environmental Destruction
Yin Yang Campaign to
Illustrate Earth's Destruction
Plugged In Cleveland
Stress, Hope and Transformation
Alena Murang:
Heritage Mafde Present

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Endangered Species Art

Gorilla Hoary Bat Coral Reef Inspired Keler Racoon
Rasing Awareness With Street Art
By South African Artist, Sunny
9-12 category winner:
Hawaiian Hoary Bat by Adam Pavan
Artwork Inspired by the Reef 2015
From Science Without Borders
Zoe Keller Wants Viewers
to Be Aware of the Endangered
• Wildlife Water Color • ElhphangInHand • The Scream • A Whale of Trouble
Wildlife Conservation With
Water Colors by Peggy Macnamara
Endangered Species Day
Giving a "hand" to Wildlife
The Loss of Many Species
Makes This Man S c r e a m!
A Whale of Trouble
Coastal Ecosystems Protection Do List