Climate Change Art

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Keep Earth Green Fan Art: Global Warming Emotional Art Used to Tackle Climate Change Issues Abstract of Climate
Change Devastation
Art Print: Drought Land,
Climate Change, Hot Summer
What Did Munch Know in
1893 that We Didn't?
Climate Change ‘Hitting
Harder & Sooner’ Than Forecast
Glastonbury Festival 2070? Coping
With 4? of Global Warming;
Climate Change
and Tropical Forests

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The Effects of Floods
ane Droughts by 2030
Climate Change and Fascism,
One Haunting Mural At a Time
The Ind. Revolution Kick-Started
Global Warming - But When?

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Environmental Impact Art

Exploration of Humanity's
Environmental Impact
Environmental Consequences
and Assessment
Heightening Public Consciousness
About Environmental Impact
Art And Science High-
lighting Environmental Impact
The Beauty(?) of
Environmental Destruction
Yin Yang Campaign to
Illustrate Earth's Destruction
Plugged In Cleveland
Stress, Hope and Transformation
Alena Murang:
Heritage Mafde Present

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Endangered Species Art

Gorilla Hoary Bat Coral Reef Inspired Keler Racoon
Rasing Awareness With Street Art
By South African Artist, Sunny
9-12 category winner:
Hawaiian Hoary Bat by Adam Pavan
Artwork Inspired by the Reef 2015
From Science Without Borders
Zoe Keller Wants Viewers
to Be Aware of the Endangered
Wildlife Water Color ElhphangInHand The Scream A Whale of Trouble
Wildlife Conservation With
Water Colors by Peggy Macnamara
Endangered Species Day
Giving a "hand" to Wildlife
The Loss of Many Species
Makes This Man S c r e a m!
A Whale of Trouble
Coastal Ecosystems Protection Do List