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    July 19, 2021


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    Climate Justice/Injustice Stories of Interest


  • Climate Justice For All Grant Program
  • Chevron & Donziger: What You Should Know
  • Indigenous Mapuche Pay High Price for Argentina’s Fracking Dream
  • Chinese Dam-building: Environmental Justice or InJustice?
  • The Climate and Environmental Justice
  • The Low-Lying Island of Kiribati is in Trouble
  • The Price Refugees Pay for Climate Change
  • Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana
    Was the First Climate Refugee Settlement
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    Environmental Justice (or Injustice) News
    Featuring stories that happened in the last year.


  • New York Entrepreneur Bringing Energy Efficiency to More Communities
  • California Community Solar Program Aimed at Energy Equity
  • The Climate Crisis is a Crime Story
  • Climate Change Hits Native Americans Especially Hard
  • A Bill Forces Canada to Tackle ‘Systemic’ Environmental Racism
  • Pollution-Fighting Grandmother Wins Green Nobel Prize
  • Climate Justice, for the First Time Ever, Is on the G7 Agenda
  • Could There Be a Suit Against Soot?
  • Why Does Disaster Aid Often Favor White People?
  • Environmental Justice Action Grants
  • Climate Ride’s Environmental Justice Action Grants.
  • California's Poor Hardest Hit by Heat & Ozone Pollution
  • How Electric Cars Can Advance Environmental Justice
  • Congress Recognizes the Mother of Environmental Justice
  • Indigenous Women Risking Arrest to Fight Minnesota Pipeline
  • Climate Change Increases Renters’ Risks
  • A Busy Year for Air and Climate Issuess
  • Biden’s infrastructure Plan Targets Lead Pipes
  • LA's Path to Environmental Justice
  • People of Color Breathe More Hazardous Air
  • Climate Change and Migration
  • The Nominees for Environmental Justice Grants
  • Environmental Justice Leaders
    Are Finally Shaping White House Climate Policy
  • What Happens to Lawyers Fighting for Climate Justice
  • Haaland’s Confirmation Heralds a New Era in Lands Conservation
  • There’s a Global Plan to Conserve Nature
  • Racist Impacts of Highways, Past and Present
  • Will Climate Change Widen the Gap Between Rich and Poor?
  • Community Forestry Fellow, Helps Make Pittsburgh Greener
  • A Tribe's Battle to Retake the Skagit River
  • Trump Move to Turn Sacred Arizona
    Land Into a Copper Mine Rolled Back
  • Helping Black Communities Fight Pollution
  • Minorities Suffer Most From Texas Blackouts
  • Two Biden Priorities: Climate and Inequality
  • The Wealthy Are Favored For Aid After Wildfire Destruction
  • Biden's DOHHS Pick Brings Env. Justice to Forefront
  • Climate Change Flooding Risk for Affordable Houses
  • Asia’s Biggest Climate Migration
  • • Environmental Justice Reporters Face Deadly Threats
  • Army Corps Suspends Permit for Controversial Louisiana Plant
  • The Racist Roots of ‘Fortress Conservation’
  • Inside Germany's Factory Farms
  • Environmental Justice At Presidential Debate
  • Lead in Water Dangerous for Bottle-Fed Babies
  • The Fracking Toll on the Argentine Indigenous
  • Denver's Legacy of Environmental Racism
  • Native American Endangered Historic Sites
  • Neighborhoods Hit Harder by Industrial Fires
  • Decades of Racist Housing Policy Left Neighborhoods Sweltering
  • Pennsylvania Nature Groups Address Environmental Justice
  • What the Biden Team Means For Environmental Justice
  • Inequity at the Boiling Point
  • A Quarter of Bangladesh Is Flooded
  • Bringing the Carbon Barons to Justice
  • A Grim Outcome for Environmental Defenders
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  • Senator Harris Is Not Just Waiting It Out
  • Once Bad Air, Always Bad Air?
  • Texas Climate Plan Focuses on Minorities