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Page Updated: Mar. 16, 2020
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  • Alternative Energy Headlines
    Get the Environmental
    News Headlines
    AE News Logo

    Stay up to date on what’s happening in the alternative energy world.

  • Allegheny Front
    From the Allegheny Front
    AF Logo

    It’s free, it’s objective, and it publishes a daily news story on climate and energy.

  • CleanTechnica
    World’s Top Cleantech Site
    Yale CC Communication

    CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused website in the US and the world, reaching about 7million readers around the world each month.

    Our work has been referenced by the New York Times, Washington Post, Slate, MSNBC, Think Progress, Reuters, Scientific American, and plenty of other media outlets. Some of the cleantech industry’s top CEOs, directors, founders, and board members read us regularly. And plenty of “common citizens” are also addicted to our site.

  • Climate Change Communication
    What is Climate Change Communication?
    Yale CC Communication

    Climate change communication refers to the diverse processes by which climate change-related information, knowledge, ideas, emotions, meaning, values, and behaviors flow between individuals and through societies.

  • Daily Climate
    Journalism that Drives
    the Discussion
    Daily Climate Logo

    We are a publication of Environmental Health Sciences, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to driving science into public discussion and policy on environmental health issues, including climate change.

  • Deutsche Welle (DW News)
    Unbiased Information For Free Minds
    DW Logo

    -Catch the international news headlines.

    Stay up to date with environmental news on a variety of subjects,

  • Earth Dot Com
    News About Nature, Science and Life

    —A website bringing you stories, beautiful images and videos.

    They cover a wide variety of environmental subjects.

  • Earther by Gizmodo
    News Affecting the
    Only Earth We Have

    Fixed on the Environment, focussing on news of the Northwest.

  • EarthFix News
    News Affecting America’s N.W.

    Fixed on the Environment, focussing on news of the Northwest.

  • EarthShare
    Top 30 Environmental
    News Sources and More

    EarthShare was founded in 1988 by America’s leading national environmental and conservation organizations with a clear mission: connecting workplaces to environmental causes. Today, EarthShare is your 501(c)(3) partner working at the intersection of the environmental community and corporate America to amplify sustainability efforts by galvanizing the power of employees. With an established member network of nearly 600 of America’s most respected nonprofits behind us, we help channel the passion for purpose in an evolving workforce to ensure a sustainable future.

    See the list of EarthShare member organizations working to protect our water, air, land, and wildlife, and the state affiliates and chapters who represent them.

    Click for their website where you
    can also subscribe to their newsletter.

  • Environmental News Network
    Covering All Aspects
    of the Energy Industry
    ENN Logo

    Reporting all aspects of environmental news,including Sustainability, Govt. Policy, Energy, Green Building and more.

  • Green Car Reports
    Your Green Car Infocenter
    Green Car Reports

    Looking for a source for Green Car information? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Green Energy Tribune
    Your Green Car Infocenter

    Green Energy Tribune

    What you should know about solar energy.

  • Greener Ideal (Green News Publication)
    A Canadian News
    Environmental Source

    Greener Ideal

    -An independent environmental news and green living publication based in Ontario, Canada.

    Since 2008, they’ve been compiling interesting and innovative news items from around the globe and publishing original content and commentary on a daily basis.

    They focus on the areas of clean energy, sustainable transportation, innovative environmental technologies, and ways that people can ‘go green’ in their everyday lives.

  • The Guardian
    Covering Climate, Wildlife
    Energy, and Environmental Impact

    The Guardian

    Independent investigative reporting, supported by public contributions.

  • Inside Climate News (Pulitzer-Winning)
    Pulitzer Prize Award Winning
    Environmental News Site

    Inside Climate News

    Report on all things environment.

  • Mother Nature Network
    Mother Nature -
    Looking Out For Nature

    Mother Nature News

    One of our best sources for environmental news, with coverage of Solar, Wind and Geothermal and events.

    They also include a magazine.

  • NBC News - Environment
    NBC News Science/Environment Section


    A collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, diverse and visually engaging stories on your platform of choice.

    NBC News Digital features world-class brands including NBCNews.com, MSNBC.com, TODAY.com, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Dateline, and the existing apps and digital extensions of these respective properties.

  • NY Times Climate Forward
    The New York Times
    Has a Dedicated Climate Site

    NY Times
  • Renewable Energy World
    All About - You Guessed It

    RE World

    Featuring 'Earth Matters, Health, Lifestyle, Green Tech and Eco-Biz.

  • Reuters Environmental News
    Reuters Environmental News


    Covering just about all Environment News categories

  • The Revelator (What They Reveal)
    What Will Be Revealed Next?


    Revealing News, Ideas, Investigations abd more.

  • Solar Thermal Magazine
    Solar Thermal Power &
    Clean Energy Technology

    Solar Therml

    Featuring news on Climate Change, Research, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, etc".

  • Up to Speed (Fom the Sierra Club)
    Sierra Club Environment News

    Sierra UTS

    Covering Climate & Energy, Lands & Waters, Adventure, Green Lifestyle and their Magazine

  • Wind Power Monthly Magazine.
    WindPower Monthly


    News & in-depth analysis of wind power and renewable energy policy, legislation & regulation, pricing, tariffs & incentives, permitting and environmental issues.

  • ZME Science
    About ZME Science

    ZME Science

    ZME Science was established in 2007. Along the years, we’ve grown into a trusted and provocative source of science news and features, covering research and developments from all scientific fields.

    Mission: is to bridge the gap between the latest research and the general public by presenting studies and developments in science in a relatable language. We strive to make our articles accessible for everybody, regardless of their age, education and background, so that everyone can learn, stay informed, and develop as human beings.

    The website is staffed by a dedicated group of professionals from such fields as geology, physics, chemistry, astrophysics or medicine who have contributed to an archive numbering more than 6,500 published articles. We also host guest columns edited by experts and regularly feature interviews with scientists from the forefront of research today.

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