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    Page Updated: Aug. 28, 2020

    • Global Wind Day
      Global Wind Has Its Day

      (Wikipedia) -Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on June 15th. It is organized by WindEurope and GWEC. It is a day when wind energy is celebrated, information is exchanged and adults and children find out about wind energy, its power and the possibilities it holds to change the world.

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    Of Interest

    • All About Wind Energy (Free Download)
      The Facts About Wind Energy

      Climate Reality Project - For thousands of years, people across the globe have harnessed the power of wind in one way or another – whether to pump water, grind grain, or propel boats. But today, wind has become a powerful way of generating electricity. And better yet, it’s renewable and doesn’t pollute the air we breathe.

      Cities, states, countries, and companies around the world are increasingly turning to wind energy to power our world. But, thanks to Big Polluters, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. In this e-book, we set the story straight and give you the facts so you know what to say the next time you hear a Big Polluter talking point about wind power.

    • Wind Power Gets Its Day In the Sun
      Vestas and EDPR Install
      Single-Converter Wind-Solar Hybrid

      Mar. 28, 2018 - The two companies installed the demonstrator – which consists of a V112-3.0MW turbine and a new 372kW solar PV array – at EDPR’s Janda III wind farm in Cádiz, south-west Spain.

      Power from the solar PV panels is fed to the turbine as direct current, which is then converted and transformed by the turbine’s power conversion system, which Vestas upgraded especially for the project, to export power to the grid.

      By connecting wind and solar through the turbine’s electronics and using its full-scale converter, the number of converters is reduced, the two companies explained.

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    • The Advantages of Off-Shore Wind
      Study Finds Offshore
      Wind Farms Have Powerful
      Advantage Over Land Turbines

      Oct. 9, 2017  Floating wind turbines at sea could create up to three times as much electricity as turbines on land, increasing the energy potential for a technology that has yet to be proven at scale, a new study suggests.

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    • Hornsea Project Two (HP2)
      (Right Off the Yorkshire Coast)
      Hornsea Project Two, North Sea

      Sep. 19, 2017  (Power Technology) — Hornsea Project Two (HP2) is being constructed within the Hornsea Zone of the North Sea, UK. With a total capacity of approximately 1.4GW, the wind farm is expected to be the largest of its kind worldwide.

      Project developer Ørsted (previously Dong Energy) gained the rights to the project in August 2015 through the acquisition of SMartWind, a 50:50 joint venture (JV) between Mainstream Renewable Power and Siemens Financial Services.

      The scoping report for the project was completed in 2012. The consent application was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for examination in January 2015 and completed in March 2016.

    • Today's Wind Challenges
      STop Wind Energy Challenges
      for Today, and How to Solve Them

      May 9, 2017  -Bryan Boatright, Wind Energy Technology instructor at the Laramie County Community College in Wyoming, identifies some of the obstacles that wind energy is facing in his state. Chief among his concerns is a $1.00/kWh tax levied by Wyoming's pro-coal legislature.

      As the only state that taxes wind energy in the U.S., Wyoming has effectively de-incentivized any wind energy expansion within its borders. This is to be expected of the largest coal producer in the United States, where powerful political coalitions work hard to protect their interests in fossil fuels.

    • What the Top of a Turbine Look Like
      SOn Top of a Wind Turbine, or On Top of the World

      Apr. 25, 2017  -Stand atop a wind turbine and you get some powerful perspective. When you’re 280 feet off the ground, your feet clinging to the deck, the breeze blowing past, you’ve got a clear view of the power of wind energy. Wath the video.

    • It's a Breeze for Dutch Trains
      Dutch Trains Are World's First
      to Run on 100% Wind Power

      Jan. 16, 2017  -The Netherlands, aka Windmill Country, is now operating 100 percent of its electric trains with wind energy.

    • Wind Systems Trends to Watch
      Advanced Blade Pitch
      Systems Trends to Watch

      Dec.5, 2016  -The latest developments in blade pitch technology have opened new opportunities for wind turbine manufacturers. We will look at five key trends of this rapidly evolving technology and three important insights to keep in mind to make wise pitch system decisions, avoid pitfalls, and choose the right pitch partner.

    • Wind Farm Like Ivory Soap
      SOffshore Wind Farms See
      Promise in Platforms That Float

      Sept.29, 2016  The sun was beating down on the leafy campus of the University of Maine one afternoon last month. But inside a hangarlike laboratory, a miniature hurricane was raging.

    • Scottish Wind: (Not Bagpipes)
      SAmerica’s First Offshore Wind
      Farm May Power Up a New Industry

      Aug. 22, 2016  The idea of building turbines offshore, where strong, steady wind could, in theory, generate large amounts of power, has long been seen as a vital step toward a future based on renewable energy.

    • Wind Strains the Texas Grid
      In Texas Oil Country,
      Wind Is Straining the Grid

      Aug. 6, 2016  The Lone Star state is by far the largest state for wind power, with nearly 18,000 megawatts of wind generation capacity already built and another 5,500 megawatts—nearly equal to California’s total installed capacity—planned.

    • High-Speed Wind Turbine Assembly
      Right Before Your Eyes
      Video by Mid-American Energy

      Enjoy this high-speed video showing the assembly of a giant wind turbine.

    Wind Power Stories (In the past year)

    • Painting Wind Turbine Blades Saved Birds' Lives
      Bird Deaths Down 70%
      After That Was Done

      arsTECHNICA, Aug. 25, 2020 -Something as simple as black paint could be the key to reducing the number of birds that are killed each year by wind turbines. According to a study conducted at a wind farm on the Norwegian archipelago of Smøla, changing the color of a single blade on a turbine from white to black resulted in a 70-percent drop in the number of bird deaths.

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    • Survey Shows: Americans Want More Wind Power
      86% In the Survey Agreed

      Renewable Energy World, Aug. 10, 2020 -The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today kicks off American Wind Week 2020, the fourth annual national celebration of U.S. wind energy leadership. During American Wind Week, AWEA, its 1000+ members, and the thousands of diverse U.S. wind supporters highlight the ways wind is helping build the future.

      Wind power is proud to be red, white, and blue, with operating wind projects or manufacturing facilities in 70 percent of U.S. Congressional districts and jobs in all 50 states.

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    • China's Expansion of Offshore Wind Capacity
      It Could grow Eightfold by 2030

      Aug. 5, 2020,(ZME SCIENCE)-Global offshore wind capacity could grow eightfold by 2030, reaching 234GW (from the 29.1GW registered last year) according to a new report. It anticipates an exponential growth of the sector over the next decade in the Asia-Pacific region as well as continued strong growth in Europe.

      The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) published its Global Offshore Wind Report for 2020, which provides an overview of the sector worldwide. The council revised its forecast for 2030 up by 15GW after the fastest ever growth registered in 2019, when new wind farms added 6.1GW to the global count.

      Click now for that report.

    • Higher Grid Benefits Are Blowing in the Wind
      Supersized Wind Turbines Could
      Deliver $4-5/MWh More in Grid Benefit

      July 15, 2020,(Renewable Energy World)- A Berkeley Lab study, published in the journal Wind Engineering, shows that supersized wind turbines can enhance the value of wind energy to the electricity system and provide other ‘hidden’ benefits.

      These benefits are in addition to reduction in levelized costs and illustrate the importance of expanding wind turbine design to focus on direct-cost minimization and the impact that the value of wind has on the grid.

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    • Blowin' In the Wind in Great Britain
      It Becomes Europe’s
      Second Highest Wind Producer

      June 12, 2020,(Renewable Energy World) -Britain become the second highest producer of wind generation in Europe, surpassing Spain, according to data released by EnAppSys. The new data looked at levels of European wind generation in the first 23 weeks of 2020 (January through May) and found that Britain ranked second after Germany during the period.

      Britain generated 12.2% of the overall share, a 3% increase compared to 2019, while Spain’s contribution decreased from 13% to 10.7%. The increase in GB was a result of a 4% increase in installed wind capacity coupled with a 30% increase in generation on a like-for-like basis versus 2019.

    • It's Not Just a Lot of Wind - Or is it?
      Wind Turbines Set New Supply Record

      June 9, 2020,(Renewable Energy World) -Wind turbine manufacturers realized remarkable growth in 2019, with 22,893 wind turbines installed globally, states Global Wind Energy Council’s Supply Side Analysis 2019 report.

      According to the annual report, the wind turbines were produced from 33 suppliers and accounting for over 63GW of capacity, a new supply-side record in terms of capacity for the industry.

      Vestas continues to hold on to its place as top supplier in 2019, accounting for 18% of all wind turbines installed in 2019, thanks to its global diversification strategy with installations in more than 40 countries.

    • Building Recyclable, Next-Generation Turbine Blades
      Recyclable Turbine Blades

      May 11, 2020 (Renewable Energy World) -We have come a long way since the first Earth Day in 1970.

      As of January this year, there were nearly 1.5 million electric cars driving on U.S. roads, we recycle and/or compost approximately 35% of our waste (Environmental Protection Agency), and roughly 20% of U.S. energy generation comes from renewable sources (U.S. Energy Information Administration).

      According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind energy generation has grown by 7.3 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity for every year of the last decade. And, as of 2019, there was approximately 96 GW of installed wind capacity in the United States and 591 GW worldwide.1

      While the expansion of renewables is undoubtedly a positive shift, not all renewable energy is renewable from start to finish.

    • Global Wind Could More than Double by 2030
      Global Wind Expected
      More Than Double by 2030

      Mar. 30, 2020 (Wind Farm Managemwnt Blog) -In this uncertain time, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Two reports released this week suggest a massive increase in global wind power capacity. That is, even after last year's record-breaking installations.

      As noted in Wood Mackenzie’s report, ‘Global Wind Power Market Outlook Update: Q1 2020’, 62 GW of wind capacity was added globally in 2019, which is a 23% increase from 2018 and the second-highest annual total after 2015 (63 GW).

    • Hydrogen: The Missing Link For Sustainable Energy
      Storability Takes Center
      Stage: The Missing
      Link For Sustainable Energy

      Mar. 31, 2020 (Energy Central) - The promise of wind energy is now a reality. From Gansu, China to Hornsea in the United Kingdom wind farms are producing a larger share of energy than ever before. But there is one piece of the puzzle missing: storage. How can companies get the most out of renewable energy?

      Sustainable energy investments have looked to batteries as a means of storage during non-peak periods, but the best solution may be even greener: hydrogen. Perhaps the most common element in the universe is the key to renewable energy storage.

      Despite its abundance, hydrogen has been somewhat of a bit-part player in green energy’s rise. Producing it is carbon-based energy intensive. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle technology has been developed but they are yet to take over our roads. In part, due to the lack of refilling stations. Storing it has also been a challenge. But with the help of an age-old science fair experiment, electrolysis, the element can be produced from wind energy and water, stored, and then used as a sustainable battery.

    • Global Offshore Wind Installations Up 35% in 2019
      New Record Set for
      Global Offshore Wind
      Installations Up 35% in 2019

      Mar. 19, 2020 (Renewable Energy World) -According to the most recent data from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), 6.1 GW of offshore wind capacity was added to the mix in 2019, a record year for the industry and an impressive 35.5% increase over the previous year, during which 4.5 GW of capacity were installed. The total installed capacity for offshore wind stands at 29 GW.

      GWEC says its preliminary forecasts show that as much as 50 GW of offshore wind capacity could be installed globally by 2024, which would bring the total installed capacity at almost 90 GW, an increase of more than 200% from today.

      Europe remained the largest market for offshore wind, accounting for 59% of new installations in 2019, while the Asia-Pacific region accounted for the remaining 41%.

    • Germany Should Up Offshore Wind, Green Hydrogen Targets
      Germany Should Up Offshore Wind, Green Hydrogen Targets

      Mar. 6, 2020 (offshoreWIND.biz) -Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics relies on hydrogen from fossil fuels without good cause and on a large scale of hydrogen imports without planning a domestic market for “green” hydrogen that relies on wind energy and other renewables, WAB said.

      According to a recent “Agora Energiewende” report, the federal government needs to achieve 25GW to 28GW of offshore wind by 2030 and to significantly accelerate the expansion of onshore wind to meet its goal of a 65% share of green electricity in the same period.

      The Federal Ministry of Economics’ proposal to only use 20% of “CO2-free” hydrogen in 2030, which also includes hydrogen produced conventionally from natural gas and coupled with carbon capture and storage (CCS), is problematic for two reasons, according to WAB...But?

    • British Wind Market Continues to Break Records
      The British Wind Market
      Keeps Breaking Its Own Record

      Jan. 28, 2020 (Forbes)— Both the world’s largest offshore wind farm and the world’s largest complex of wind farms will soon appear off the British coasts, showing an unprecedented value of renewable energies. Hornsea One by the Danish energy company Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy) and Dogger Bank’s three projects developed by the Scottish SSE will make Britain the biggest offshore wind market in the world.

      The largest single offshore wind farm under construction is Hornsea One (1,218MW), while Dogger Bank is made of three projects (Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A, Dogger Bank Creyke Beck B and Teesside A—each with a capacity of 1,200MW). Dogger Bank has planning consent to go ahead and onshore construction work has just begun for the Creyke Beck A and B projects, but offshore work has yet to commence.

    • 2.64 GW Dominion Offshore Wind Could Be World’s Largest
      Dominion’s Planned US Offshore
      Wind Project Could Be
      World’s Largest at 2.64 Gw

      Jan. 7, 2020 (Renewable Energy World)- Today, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) said that Dominion Energy named it the preferred supplier for what could be the largest offshore wind farm in the world. The project will be an expansion of the 12-MW Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) pilot project, which is also not yet begun. The 12-MW CVOW project will be the first offshore wind project to be built in U.S. federal waters and will use Siemens Gamesa’s 6-MW SWT-6.0-154 wind turbines.

      CVOW could be online in 2020 within a research lease area adjacent to site of the proposed 2.64-GW project, said Siemens.

      A long-term service and maintenance agreement is included for the site located off the coast of Virginia. The agreement furthermore foresees utilizing turbines from Siemens Gamesa’s Direct Drive offshore wind turbine platform.

    • Record Wind Power Set in Denmark for 2019
      Denmark Sources Record 47%
      of Power From Wind In 2019

      Jan. 2, 2020 (Reuters)-Denmark sourced almost half its electricity consumption from wind power last year, a new record boosted by steep cost reductions and improved offshore technology.

      Wind accounted for 47% of Denmark's power usage in 2019, the country's grid operator Energinet said on Thursday citing preliminary data, up from 41% in 2018 and topping the previous record of 43% in 2017.

      European countries are global leaders in utilizing wind power but Denmark is far in front of nearest rival Ireland, which sourced 28% of its power from wind in 2018 according to data from industry group WindEurope.

    • Sen. Ted Cruz Wins Wind Energy Award
      Senator Ted Cruz Receives Tri Global
      Energy's 2019 Wind Leadership Award

      Dec. 23, 2019 (investor ideas.com)- Tri Global Energy, a leading U.S. originator and developer of utility-scale wind energy projects, today announced that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the 2019 recipient of the Tri Global Energy Wind Leadership Award, recognizing commitment to wind development and to the people who rely on wind farms to support their families and communities.

      "I am honored to receive this award," said Senator Cruz. "Texas leads the nation in both renewable and fossil energy production, and I'm proud to represent a state that understands the importance of utilizing all forms of our energy resources. Harnessing the power of wind in Texas has not only created jobs and helped grow our state's economy, but it has broadened and diversified our energy production to support our nation's energy independence for future generations."

    • Denmark is Just a Lot of Wind
      Denmark Plans $30 Billion
      Offshore Wind Island That
      Could Power 10 Million Homes

      Dec. 10, 2019 (Reuters)-Denmark is moving forward with plans to build an artificial island tying in power from offshore wind farms of up to 10 gigawatts (GW) of capacity, more than enough to supply all households, as part of efforts to meet ambitious climate change targets.

      Denmark is home to wind turbine giant Vestas and the world’s largest developer of offshore wind,, and recently approved a law which targets reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030.

      The energy ministry is looking for the right location to build one or more islands surrounded by offshore wind farms with a total capacity of at least 10 GW - equivalent to 10 million European households’ electricity consumption.

    • More WindPower Means More Transmission
      For America, More Wind
      Power Means More Transmission

      Nov. 29, 2019  (energycentral)-The quote made famous in the great 1989 film, Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come” is often cited by proponents of wind and transmission development. With a life of 40 to 50 years, transmission structures will almost certainly return significant economic benefits for many years once constructed.

      The unprecedented recent push for offshore wind power along the Atlantic coast highlights a large opportunity for transmission developers. Along with this planned development, it has become clear that a tremendous amount of new high-voltage transmission and grid infrastructure upgrades are needed.

    • NexrtEra's Success Is Blowing in the Wind
      Now Worth Over $100B,
      Nextera Owes Its
      Rise To Wind Power

      Nov. 15, 2019  (Renewable Energy World)-

      Two decades ago, when coal ruled U.S. power generation, a Florida utility plowed some of its extra cash into a wind farm atop a desolate Oregon plateau. It was the start of an unimaginably successful bet.

      This year, that company — now named NextEra Energy Inc/. — became the world’s first utility with a market capitalization of more than $100 billion, thanks largely to its clean-power business. It’s almost twice as valuable as the oil major ConocoPhillips and has developed enough wind and solar farms across the U.S. and Canada to power the entire nation of Greece. Shares have doubled in four years, outperforming virtually every other stock in the industry.

    • Wind Energy Investment for Canadian Pension Fund
      Pattern Group to Be Bought By Canadian Pension Fund

      Nov. 4, 2019  (WindPower)—The total enterprise value of the deal amounts to $6.1 billion, including debt, Pattern said. Newswire Reuters reported the value of the transaction to be around $2.63 billion.

      Shareholders will receive a cash consideration of $26.75/share, a 14.8% premium on Pattern Energy's 9 August closing share price — prior to rumours of a takeover.

      CPPIB will also combine Pattern Energy and its sister company Pattern Development — currently backed by private investment firm Riverstone Holdings — in to "common ownership".

    • Trade Barriers Hampering the China Wind Power Industry
      China Wind Power: Trade Barriers Hampering the Industry

      Oct. 15, 2019  (WINDPOWER Monthly)-The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), along with the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), the Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA) and the Chinese Renewable Energy Association (CREA) have organized the first Beijing Renewable Energy Investment Summit (BREIS) alongside the country’s main trade show.

      At the launch of the summit, GWEC CEO Ben Backwell said the current public support for action on climate change was at "unprecedented" levels.

      "And yet, every week we are hearing talk about new trade barriers and new restrictions on badly needed investments being introduced. Whether we are in Beijing, Brussels or Washington, we all face a common problem and need to cooperate to replace fossil fuels with renewables as fast as possible and at the lowest cost," said Backwell.

    • If You Must Have Oil Rigs, Power Them With Wind
      88-MW Floating Offshore
      Wind Farm to Power
      Offshore Oil Rigs in Norway

      Oct. 11, 2019  (Bloomberg News)-Equinor ASA made a final decision to invest in floating wind turbines to power offshore oil platforms off Norway after the government agreed to subsidize a large part of the cost.

      Hywind Tampen will cost a total of almost 5 billion kroner ($550 million), it said in a statement on Friday. That’s in line with the state-controlled company’s earlier estimate.

      The project to set up 11 turbines in the North Sea with a total capacity of 88 megawatts to supply electricity to platforms on two oil fields will be the first of its kind and the biggest floating wind power project in the world. The technology isn’t profitable yet without subsidies and Hywind Tampen is only going ahead after the government agreed in August to contribute as much as 2.3 billion kroner in support, in addition to capital made available by an industry fund.

    • Virginia Proposes $8B Ratepayer-Backed Offshore Wind Farm
      Virginia Proposes $8b
      Offshore Wind Farm

      Sept. 23, 2019 (Renewable Energy World)-Dominion Energy Inc.’s customers have been pressing the Virginia utility giant for years to source more clean energy. On Thursday, the company heeded their call — with a $7.8 billion, ratepayer-backed plan to build the largest offshore wind farm in America.

      The proposal is unprecedented. Never has a utility pitched an offshore wind project of this size — big enough to power 650,000 homes — and in such a way that would have its customers shouldering the costs.

    • Extending the Lifetime of Wind Turbines
      How to Extend the
      Lifetime Of Wind Turbines

      Sept. 20, 2019 (Renewable Energy World)-Although wind turbines generally are designed for a service life of 20 years, many can continue to operate past their original design life. In fact, the lifetime of a wind turbine can often be extended by minor and low-cost repairs. This article describes the methods and results of a safety evaluation of wind turbines.

    • Fish Behavior and Wind Turbine Technology
      How Fish Behavior Can
      Enhance Wind Turbine Technology

      Sept. 10, 2019 (Futurity.org)-CALTECH (US) In current wind farms, all of the turbines rotate in the same direction. But while studying the vortices left behind by fish swimming in a school, fluid-dynamics expert John Dabiri noticed that some vortices rotated clockwise, while others rotated counter-clockwise.

      He and colleagues at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) are identifying energy-related processes in biological systems that may provide insight into new approaches to—in this case—wind energy.

      Dabiri became inspired by observations of schooling fish, and the suggestion that there is constructive hydrodynamic interference between the wakes of neighboring fish, “It turns out that many of the same physical principles can be applied to the interaction of vertical-axis wind turbines,” said the professor.

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    Denmark put its stamp of
    approval on wind power

    Wind power provided 18.9% of electricity production and 24.1% of generation capacity in Denmark in 2008, Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind power during the 1970s, and today almost half of the wind turbines around the world are produced by Danish manufacturers such as Vestas and Siemens Wind Power along with many component suppliers.

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    8 MW Turbines
    Adwen Logo
    Adwen’s AD 5-135 turbine obtaind the first Type Certificate based on the Guideline for the Certification of Offshore Wind Turbines, Edition 2012 issued by DNV GL. This new guideline updates the previous version from 2005 to fully comply with GL’s Guideline for Onshore Wind Turbines, edition 2010, and to cover IEC 61400, parts 1 and 3.


    energy storage
    AES Logo
    AES Energy Storage is a subsidiary of The AES Corporation, a company that has served utility customers around the world for more than 30 years, helping them to deliver safe, reliable power.

    First Wind

    Their slogan is, "Clean Energy Made Here"

    First Wind Logo
    First Wind is an independent North American wind energy company exclusively focused on the development, financing, construction, ownership and operation of utility-scale wind energy projects in the United States.  Based in Boston, First Wind has developed and operates 875 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity at 15 wind energy projects in Maine, New York, Vermont, Utah and Hawaii.  First Wind is also currently managing the construction of an additional project with 105 MW of generation capacity.
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    Helix Wind

    Small is Beautiful:
    Helix Power Sees a
    Small Wind Turbine On Every Rooftop

    Helix Wind Logo
    While many companies are still pursuing big centralized wind farm projects, such as the one near Palm Springs, CA, there’s also a movement to install smaller wind turbines in backyards and on rooftops.
    Scott Weinbrandt spent 25 years working in computer technology, including 10 years as an executive at Dell, the direct-sales computer giant, as well as time as a senior vice president at Gateway, the onetime San Diego computer maker that is now part of Acer. During that time, the computer industry moved from centralized mainframes to distributed personal computers.


    Off-Shore Wind Energy Platforms

    Nenuphar Logo
    Nenuphar Better balance: Vertical-axis wind turbines, like this dry-land prototype developed by Nenuphar, could make offshore wind more economical. Credit: Nenuphar Wind turbines attached to floating buoys can harness stronger, more sustained winds in the open ocean.
    But the floats now used for such deep-water installations may prove prohibitively expensive because the buoys needed to keep them above water are enormous. Now a project in France is turning the turbine design on its head for what developers hope will be a low-cost alternative.
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    New Wind

    New Wind Wind Generators
    Wind power is a 2.0 by NewWind power generation system in the form of tree whose leaves act like so many mini wind turbines. Taking advantage of the lower air flow, it can operate all types of wind 360 ° turbulent and laminar, urban and natural environment. His design of biomimetic inspiration allows seamless integration into all types of landscape, whether urban or rural. All the technology is invisible; no cables or apparent generators, everything is integrated in the branches and trunks. The silence of operation vertical axis cancels the noise of traditional wind turbines.




    Wind Turbines With Fewer Parts

    Siemans Logo
    Demand for clean power generation is growing.
    With highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines, Siemens has a demonstrated history in delivering proven solutions to onshore, coastal and offshore sites. Siemens Wind Power’s service team is dedicated to keeping the turbines running optimally throughout their entire lifecycle. Siemens also offers integrated solutions and services that meet the demands of the entire wind energy conversion chain.
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    Vestas Wind

    Vespa Low Wind Turbine
    Vestas launches new V126-3.0 MW turbine with structural shell blade design.
    The turbine is the latest variant of the 3 MW platform on which the V112-3.0 MW is built. Vestas will continue to optimise this platform in order to offer further options to the customers.


    Vortex Bladeless

    Vortex Bladeless LogoA technological leap forward and a revolution in wind energy. A more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to produce energy.


    Vortex Bladeless LogoWomen of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy

    Answering a call for representation for women across all sectors of renewable energy, the nonprofit organization Women of Wind Energy (WoWE) has formally changed its name.