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    Page Updated:
    May 27, 2022

      Windpower MonthlyClick the logo above to read the latest windpower news stories from this monthly magazine.

    Wind Power Stories (In the past year)

    • • U.S. Has Potential for 1,400 GW Distributed Wind Energy
      Conclusion Reached by The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)

      RE World

      May, 20, 2022 -The U.S. has the potential to profitably provide nearly 1,400 GW of distributed wind energy capacity today.

      NREL researchers set out to analyze the role that distributed wind energy could play in reaching the U.S. goal of 100% clean electricity by 2035.

    • • Bringing Taller Wind Turbines to US Southeast
      Spiral Welding Could be the Answer


      May 16, 2022-Wind energy fans have been eyeballing vast swaths of the US southeast for new opportunities, only to be thwarted by relatively thin wind resources and unfavorable political winds, too. Not too much can be done about the latter, but the former problem could be resolved by taller wind turbines that can harvest more optimal wind speeds at higher altitudes. After that, it’s only a matter of time before the political cookie crumbles.

    • • Denmark Wants to Supply More Renewable Energy to Europe
      Two Energy Islands
      Might Do the Trick

      ZME Science

      May 3, 2022 -Thirty years after becoming a pioneer in offshore wind farming, Denmark now wants to expand the repertoire of renewables again – this time with the world’s first “energy islands.” The plans have long been discussed in the country but have now been accelerated amid the disruption to the global energy market caused by Russia’s Ukraine invasion, which Denmark hopes to address by providing more renewable energy to the mainland.

    • •  3D Printing Could Revolutionize Wind Energy Development
      As Wind Turbines Get Taller,Logistical Challenges From Tranporsportation and Installation Also Grow

      RE World

      Apr. 29, 2022 -GE Renewable Energy (GERE) has opened a new research and development facility in Bergen, New York, that is exploring how to 3D print the concrete base of wind towers.>/p>

      Taller wind turbines can access higher-speed winds, thus generating more energy. By 3D printing the base of wind towers onsite, GERE said it hopes to lower transportation costs.

    • • Cement Makers Burn Turbine Blades
      as Wind Power Faces Recycling Headache
      Incinerating Blades In Cement-Factory
      Kilns Instead of Sending them to
      Landfill Reduces Emissions Overall


      Apr. 26, 2022 -Old wind-turbine blades are getting a new lease on life—in cement.

      Turbines are mostly made of steel, a widely recyclable material. But their blades are constructed of complex composite materials such as fiberglass and balsa wood that are difficult to separate and process, presenting a recycling challenge. As a result, blades that reach the end of their lives often end up in landfill.

    • • Protecting Eagles From Wind Generators
      NREL Tool Aims to Predict the Bird's Interactions With Turbines


      Apr. 24, 2022 -Golden eagles, like many raptors, know how to take the path of least resistance. When they spread their wings and take to the skies, they typically look for updrafts (upward pushes of air) to assist their flight, letting them soar to greater altitudes without expending much energy. However, those updrafts and associated high winds are also valuable for generating clean energy, making wind turbines more of a potential risk to eagles and other flying animals.

    • • Amazon Adds 3.5 GW of Renewable
      Energy to Global Portfolio
      Amazon's Texas Wind
      Farm is the Latest Example

      RE World

      Apr. 22, 2022 -Amazon is adding 37 renewable energy projects totaling 3.5 GW of capacity to its global portfolio, the company announced.

      Amazon was already the top corporate buyer of renewable energy according to the Clean Energy Buyers Alliance. In 2021, the company procured 2.85 GW of renewable energy, topping Meta, Verizon, Google, and Microsoft.

    • • Floating Offshore Wind Powered Hydrogen
      Case Study Review
      For Local Supply Chains


      Apr. 22, 2022 -The potential value of 60 per cent local content on floating offshore wind powered green hydrogen projects to the UK is up to £68 billion Reimagining a Net Zero North Sea:

      An Integrated Energy Vision for 2050 [1] presents three future scenarios for the UK’s energy system. Two of these scenarios predict green hydrogen to make up a significant proportion of the UK’s energy mix. The progressive and transformational scenarios predict 75 TWh and 253 TWh required each year by 2050 respectively.

    • • One Day in March, Wind Was the
      Second-Largest Source of Electricity in the US
      This Milestone Showcases
      How Far Wind Energy Has Come
      From Its Humble Beginnings

      ZME Science

      Apr. 20, 2022-The U.S. power grid recorded a historic first on March 29. On that day, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported, wind power exceeded both coal and nuclear energy for the first time for a period of over 24-hours.

    • • Global Renewable Energy Review 2022
      See Where Clean Energy
      Stands in the World


      Apr. 4, 2022, -Wind and solar, the fastest growing sources of electricity, reach a record ten percent of global electricity in 2021; all clean power is now 38% of supply. But demand growth rebounded, leading to a record rise in coal power and emissions.

    • • Wind and Solar Power Was Way Up in 2021
      It Amounted to 10% of Global Energy Consumption

      ZME Science

      Apr. 1, 2022, (ZME Science)-Ten years ago, solar and wind didn’t even make up 1% of our global energy mix. Now, in just a decade, they’ve reached 10%. It may not seem like much, but becoming such a significant part of the global energy mix in such a short time is remarkable — though there’s still a long way to go.

    • • U.S. Offshore U.S. Offshore Wind Supply Chain
      Let's See the Numbers

      Renewable Energy Mag

      Mar. 29, 2022,-The U.S. has enough planned offshore wind energy capacity to meet President Joe Biden's goal of developing 30 GW by 2030. But in order to actually build those projects, the U.S. needs to quickly ramp up its domestic supply chain, according to a new report.

    • • A Wind Turbine Blade That's Fully Recyclable
      Made From Thermoplastic Resin

      RE World

      Mar. 21, 2022,-A fully recyclable wind turbine blade prototype has been developed and is ready for structural testing, said the consortium of researchers and industry leaders behind the project.

      Led by French research center IRT Jules Verne, the ZEBRA Project produced a 62-meter wind turbine blade using thermoplastic resin that is entirely recyclable. Arkema, CANOE, Engie, LM Wind Power, Owens Corning, and SUEZ are all partners on the project.

    • • Sale of Leases for Wind Farms Off
      New York Raises More Than $4 Billion
      The Auctioned Areas Are
      Expected to Generate
      Enough Power For
      Nearly 2 Million Homes


      Feb. 25, 2022-The United States government netted a record $4.37 billion on Friday from the sale of six offshore wind leases off the coasts of New York and New Jersey, a major step in the Biden administration’s goal of ushering in a future powered by renewable energy.

      The auction, of more than 488,000 acres in the Atlantic Ocean between Cape May, N.J., and Montauk Point, N.Y., was the Biden administration’s first offshore lease sale.

    • • Storing Excess Wind Power Underwater
      Electricity to Supply More than
      One Million Homes Was Wasted in
      2020 Due to a Lack of Storage

      BBC Logo

      Feb. 4, 2022, -With 17 new wind farm projects planned for Scotland, the UK's offshore wind power capacity is set to more than double.

      But what happens when the wind is blowing, the turbines are cranking out electricity and there's no demand for it?

      It's already a problem. In 2020, enough electricity to supply more than one million homes was wasted due to a lack of storage, according to a report by KPMG that was commissioned by the power company Drax.

    • • Improving Wind Turbine Efficiency
      NREL Takes on the Task

      RE World

      Jan. 25, 2022 -Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will launch an international, multi-institutional wind energy field campaign called the American WAKE Experiment (AWAKEN).

      Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Wind Energy Technologies Office, the study is intended to amass a dataset on wind energy atmospheric phenomenon, including wakes, that can cost the average wind farm about 10% of its potential energy.

    • • South Fork Offshore Wind Project is Cleared for Construction
      The South Fork Wind Substation
      Will Be built by Kiewit Offshore Svs.

      RE World

      Jan. 19, 2022 -South Fork Wind received approval of the project’s Construction and Operations Plan (COP) from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

      South Fork Wind is New York’s first offshore wind farm and the second project to receive federal permits. The Long Island Power Authority signed power purchase agreements with the project five years ago.

    • • Wind-generated Electricity in Germany Slumps to New Low
      Fall in Both Onshore and Offshore
      Wind Production Amid Rising
      Demand Leads to Growth in
      Coal and Nuclear in 2021


      Jan. 10, 2022-Wind power in 2021 retained its spot as the largest individual source of electricity in Germany, at 22.6% of total grid load, but fell to 113.6TWh from 130TWh in 2020, according to an annual report released last week by federal agency Smard.

      Lower wind speeds accounted for onshore wind generation falling 13.1% from 2020 levels, with generation from offshore wind turbines falling 10.8%. Solar photovoltaic generation rose by 1.8%.

    • • New York Announces $500 Million Offshore Wind Investment
      To Date, New York Has
      Five Offshore Wind Projects and
      Five Ports Under Active Development

      RE World

      Jan. 7, 2022 -New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a $500 million offshore wind investment to include manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure. The state plans to develop 4,300 MW of offshore wind energy, representing nearly half of New York’s 9,000 MW goal for 2035.

      Coupled with the $500 million, the state will launch its next offshore wind procurement in 2022, which is expected to result in at least 2 GW of new projects.

    • • The Latest Energy Storage Gizmo
      An “Ocean Battery” With a Bladder


      Jan. 7, 2022-The Ocean Battery is a new bladder-based energy storage system for offshore wind farms, which garnered a Best of Innovation award at CES 2022.

      If you’re thinking this is bladder idea is similar to compressed air storage, well, kind of. The foundational element is the fact that wind energy runs on its own timetable, and its schedule is often out of sync with demand for electricity. Energy storage systems enable wind turbines to keep working even when demand is low.

    • • Wind Power Expansion Creates Millions of New Jobs
      Some 1.3 million People Worldwide
      Already Work in The Wind Sector,
      but Not Nearly Enough

      DW Logo

      Dec. 23, 2021-"The view from the top is incredible," says Tim Schmolowski, who is responsible for maintaining and mending wind turbines at heights of between 40 and 60 meters. "Especially on a cold, sunny winter's day, when everything looks so clear."

      In 2015, the trained mechanic saw a job advertised by a wind turbine maintenance company in Erkelenz near the German city of Cologne. "I thought it sounded good and would probably be a job with a future, so I applied."

    • • Italian Floating Offshore Wind Farm to Deploy 14+ MW Turbines
      The Project is Off the Southern Coast of Lecce Province

      RE World

      Dec. 23, 2021, (Energy Central)-The proposed Odra Energia offshore wind farm project will comprise 90 wind turbines, generating around 4 TWh of electricity annually, Falck Renewables, who is developing the project in partnership with BlueFloat Energy, said.

      This suggests that the wind turbines to be used on the project will have an individual rated capacity of 14 MW or more.

    • • Cargo Ships Reclaim Wind Power
      They’re Doing It
      With High Tech Rigid Sails


      Dec. 13, 2021- Canvas sails once powered the cargo ships that sailed the 7 seas, and now the modern day shipping industry is taking steps to reclaim its wind power heritage — with a high tech twist, that is. In the latest development, last week the French startup Zéphyr & Borée received validation for a new container ship decked out with 8 rigid sails engineered by the firm Computed Wing Sails.

    • • Offshore Wind Farm in the North Sea to Power Frankfurt Airport
      The Offshore Wind Farm to Help
      Power Three Terminals, Charge EVs
      and Illuminate Runways


      Dec. 10, 2021 -The operator of Frankfurt airport is due to buy power from an 85MW portion of EnBW’s 900MW He Dreiht wind farm in the German North Sea through a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA).

      The 15-year deal is due to begin in the second half of 2026, one year after the 60-turbine project is expected online.

    • • Biden Admin. Approves New York’s First Offshore Wind Farm
      It Will Be Built by
      Kiewit Offshore Services

      RE World

      Nov. 29, 2021 -"Today is a red-letter day for the future of offshore wind,” said Fred Zalcman, director of the New York Offshore Wind Alliance. “Today's federal approval of New York's first utility-scale offshore wind farm is the culmination of several years of planning and community engagement and will demonstrate the massive economic, environmental, and social benefits of this renewable resource for all New Yorkers.”

    • • Offshore Wind, Floating Wind and Hydrogen
      ScotWind Finally Takes the Initiative


      Nov. 26, 2021, By Charlie Rattan -This positive news is somewhat tempered by the fact that it is nearly two years late; I remember going up to Edinburgh and discussing a number of alternatives about two years ago when there was plenty of exciting ‘blue sea’ thinking about combining offshore wind with other technologies and business interests and I’ve watched as these aspirations have gradually been whittled down to a deliverable leasing offer.

      In studying the latest Marine Scotland maps, we see some interesting developments – a site off the Solway coast has reappeared and may tie in with Round 4 aspirations to the south. I am particularly pleased that extended boundaries have been added to my former site off the coast of Islay; I will be watching for developments on floating technology there.

    • • GE to Produce Zero Waste Wind Turbine Blades by 2030
      The Plan Will Executed
      by LM Wind Power

      RE World

      Nov. 25, 2021-“Now the focus has evolved from making wind power not only competitive, but also making the industry sustainable," LM Wind Power CEO Olivier Fontan said in a statement. "We are determined to work with our partners to reduce the carbon footprint of wind turbines; together we can be the example of how an industry transforms its value chain to support the green transition and the critical move to a circular economy."

    • • Collaborating on Offshore Wind to Meet Ambitious U.S. Goals.
      How the States Can Do it

      RE World

      Nov. 23, 2021-The offshore wind industry has had no shortage of exciting announcements of late.

      On Thursday, developers hosted a groundbreaking for the first commercial-scale offshore wind project in the U.S, and plans are already in motion to build the country's first blade finishing facility at the Port of Virginia.

    • • Opinion:California’s Offshore Wind Power Problem
      France to the Rescue!


      Nov. 17, 2021-A gigantic floating offshore wind power project in France could prompt California to finally open its waters up to clean energy.

    • • NextEra Wants to Build Offshore
      Wind Transmission for NY and NJ
      Both States Have High
      Wind-Generation Goals

      RE World

      Nov. 12, 2021-A subsidiary of NextEra Energy has submitted transmission proposals to support the buildout of offshore wind projects in New York and New Jersey.

      NextEra Energy Transmission submitted the New York Renewable Connect and New Jersey Seawind Connector proposals with PJM and NYISO regulators, respectively.

    • • World's Most Powerful Offshore Wind Turbine Unveiled in Fife
      A Samsung Wind Energy Facility

      Oct. 31, 2021, (SUN&WIND ENERGY)-As Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has finalized the installation of its 7 MW prototype the world’s largest offshore wind turbine is now standing at the Energy Park Fife, UK. The structure, which is SHI's first European offshore wind project, is situated 50 m offshore in the Firth of Forth and the tip of its blades stretches 196 meters above the sea.

    • • East of England Offshore Wind Cluster Launched
      Wind Energy: More Power to You


      Oct. 29, 2021 -A new East of England offshore wind Cluster Forum has been launched to promote the region’s centre of excellence status and place at the core of the global industry.

      The cluster’s purpose is to raise awareness of the capability and innovation in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire in order to win new investors, develop expertise, and export homegrown skills and services to the international market.

    • • A Wind Technology that Could Change the World
      The Famous Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine


      Oct. 29, 2021 -At the park, they have the famous Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine. In 2016, this became a testing site for an off shore wind turbine. It allowed developers to try new technologies and designs to ensure it was a viable solution.

      The turbine has been a fantastic success and is set to operate until 2029:
      • 22,986 MWh of electricity generated
      • 7,414 homes powered
      • 7,050 tonnes of CO2 offset
      • 800+ sensor outputs reporting from the turbine

    • • Connecting New York’s First Offshore Wind Farm to the Grid
      Siemens Energy Will Use High
      Voltage DC Current for Power Delivery

      RE World

      Oct. 28, 2021-New York's Sunrise Wind project will be the first offshore wind farm in the U.S. to be connected to the grid using a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system.

      Siemens Energy has been selected to connect New York's first utility-scale offshore wind project to the grid.

      The 924-megawatt Sunrise Wind Project, which is expected to reach commercial operation in 2024, will be the first offshore wind farm in the U.S. to be connected to the grid using a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system.

    • •  Wall Turbines Could Revamp Urban Renewable Energy
      Wind Turbines are Incorporated
      Into the Walls of Building

      ZME Science

      Oct. 19, 2021 -The number of wind turbines across the world has grown exponentially thanks to plummeting costs. By now, people have grown accustomed to huge wind turbine farms that dot some landscapes, either onshore or offshore. But unlike solar panels, residential wind turbines are less affordable and accessible, being seen as too cumbersome and wind-dependent, and this is most evident in urban areas. You’ll be hard-pressed to find wind turbines in Manhattan, whereas rooftop solar installations abound.

      It’s this predicament that inspired designer and entrepreneur Joe Doucet to fill the gap in our renewable energy generation toolkit with an out-of-the-box solution: rather than harnessing the wind with huge blades suspended on tall towers, Doucet invented a flat wind turbine that can be incorporated into walls.

    • • Biden Calls For a Big Expansion of Offshore Wind
      Where Might These Turbines Go?

      The Conversation

      Oct. 19, 2021 -President Biden has set a goal for the U.S. to achieve net-zero emissions economywide by 2050. That will require an unprecedented expansion of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels that release climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

      The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) estimates that U.S. offshore wind resources could provide over 2,000 gigawatts of generating capacity – nearly twice as much electricity as the nation uses every year. For context, the capacity of a large fossil fuel or nuclear power plant is about 1 gigawatt.

    • • GE Renewable Wind: More Power to You
      The World’s Most Powerful Offshore
      Wind Turbine Just Got More Powerful

      RE World

      Oct. 5, 2021 -GE Renewable Energy's prototype Haliade-X offshore wind turbine, the most powerful in the world, has reached a production output of 14 megawatts, the company announced Tuesday.

      Initially certified for 12 MW, the Haliade-X reached an output of 13 MW last year. The updated Heliade-X 14 MW can produce up to 74 GHh of gross annual energy production.

    • • The Nation’s First Port Designed For Offshore Wind
      The New Jersey Wind Port is
      Designed to Serve as a Hub for
      the Offshore Wind Industry

      RE World

      Sep. 10, 2021 -New Jersey officials broke ground last week on the nation's first purpose-built port for the offshore wind industry.

      The New Jersey Wind Port is designed to serve as a hub for the offshore wind industry along the East Coast, with access to more than 50% of available U.S. offshore wind lease areas. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

      “Investing in offshore wind is vital to building a stronger, greener economy that creates high-paying jobs to support a robust recovery from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and paves the way for long-term, equitable growth,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

    • • Norway’s Revolutionary “Wind Catching System”
      This Floating Structure
      Can Power 80,000 Homes,
      The Company Claims

      ZME Science

      Sep. 9, 2021-We’ve seen some remarkable innovations in wind energy in recent years — so much so that within a decade or so, wind energy went from a fringe alternative to cost-competitive with cheap, polluting fossil fuels. But most of these innovations took place “behind the scenes”, in the materials and mechanisms powering wind turbines. Seen from afar, a wind turbine developed yesterday looks pretty similar to one made ten years ago.

      But that may soon change. A company in Norway wants to redesign offshore wind farms. According to the company, its 1,000-feet (304-meter) tall structure can generate five times more energy than the largest existing wind turbines, and at a lower cost to boot.

    • • The World’s First Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade
      Closes the Sustainability
      Loop in Wind Energy

      ZME Science

      Sep. 8, 2021 -While up to 85% of a wind turbine’s parts can be recycled, its blades have remained a constant thorn in the industry’s side. While that remaining 15% might not seem like a big deal, it’s worth remembering that wind turbines are behemoths, whose blades measure at least 40 meters nowadays and can weigh seven tones. We expect thousands of wind turbines to be decommissioned over the next few decades, so that translates to a lot of waste destined for landfills.

      Although these blades are non-toxic and, technically speaking, safe for landfills, the lack of recycling options is seen as inherently incompatible with the wind industry’s commitment to sustainability and full circularity.

    • • A Bid For World’s First Energy Island Project
      Denmark's North Sea Energy Island
      Will Initially Produce 3 GW of Energy

      RE World

      Sep. 7, 2021-Global offshore wind leader Ørsted is adding to its team in hopes of winning a bid to build the world's first artificial energy island.

      Denmark's North Sea energy island will produce 3 GW of energy, with a long-term expansion goal of 10 GW, using 200 offshore wind turbines. Ørsted is adding industrial construction experts Aarsleff, Bouygues, and Van Oord to its bid for the project.

    • • The Benefits of Floating Wind Turbines
      Technology Could Help Power a
      Clean Energy Transition If
      it Can Overcome Various Hurdlest

      The Guardian

      Aug. 29, 2021-In the stormy waters of the North Sea, 15 miles off the coast of Aberdeenshire, in Scotland, five floating offshore wind turbines stretch 574 feet (175 meters) above the water.

      The world’s first floating wind-farm, a 30 megawatt facility run by the Norwegian company Equinor, has only been in operation since 2017 but has already broken UK records for energy output.

    • • The Largest Off-Shore Wind Turbine of its Kind
      It's 264 Meters Tall

      RE World

      Aug. 24, 2021 -Chinese manufacturer MingYang Smart Energy has unveiled a 264-meter tall, 16-megawatt capacity offshore wind turbine.

      The MySE 16.0-242 becomes the world’s largest hybrid drive wind turbine with a 242-meter diameter rotor, 118-meter long blades, and 4,600 m2 swept area. The model is capable of generating 80,000 MWh of electricity every year, enough to power more than 20,000 households.

    • • Wind and Solar to Produce Green Ammonia
      ACME Signs Agreement with Omani
      Government Body for $3.5 Billion


      Aug. 24, 2021 -Indian renewables developer ACME plans to build a 3.5GW wind-and-solar complex to produce green ammonia in Oman.

      It has signed an agreement with an Omani government authority for the $3.5 billion project in the Port of Duqm, next to the Arabian Sea.

      The project would use output from 3GW of solar PV and 500MW of wind capacity to produce 2,400 tonnes of green ammonia per day.

      Green ammonia can be made by using renewable electricity to power electrolysers producing green hydrogen and then adding nitrogen. It can be used for fertilizer and shipping fuels.

      The developer aims to export this green ammonia to demand centers in Europe and Asia, it explained.

    • • Where Wind Power Make Sense
      Wind Power is One of Cheapest
      Energy Sources on the Planet

      DW Logo

      Dec. 8, 2021- Modern wind turbines are more efficient and generate up to 20 times more electricity than they did 25 years ago. They are taller, larger and have longer blades. According to the investment bank Lazard, generating wind power from new plants costs 72% less today than in 2009.

    • • Windbreaks Could Boost Wind Power
      Sounds Contradictory, But is it?


      Aug. 10, 2021 (ScienceNews) -Windbreaks may sound like a counterintuitive idea for boosting the performance of a wind turbine. But physicists report that low walls that block wind could actually help wind farms produce more power.

      Scientists already knew that the output of a single wind turbine could be improved with a windbreak. While windbreaks slow wind speed close to the ground, above the height of the windbreak, wind speeds actually increase as air rushes over the top. But for large wind farms, there’s a drawback. A windbreak’s wake slows the flow of air as it travels farther through the rows of turbines. That could suggest that windbreaks would be a wash for wind farms with many turbines.

    • • Saudi Arabia’s First Wind Farm is Now Connected to the Grid
      If Oil Rich Saudi Arabia
      Can Do It Why Not Everyone Else?

      RE World

      Aug. 9, 2021 -Oil-rich Saudi Arabia has connected its first wind farm to the grid, according to reports from Aljazeera and local media.

      The 400-megawatt Dumat al-Jandal wind farm – developed by EDF Renewables and Masdar – is made up of 99 wind turbines, the reports said.

      Construction of the wind farm began in 2019 and is part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

    • • California's Floating Wind Power Plan
      It Will Boost Their Power Supply

      RE World

      July 22, 2021 - Northern California has some of the strongest offshore winds in the U.S., with immense potential to produce clean energy. But it has a problem. Its continental shelf drops off quickly, making building traditional wind turbines directly on the seafloor costly if not impossible.

      Once water gets more than about 200 feet deep – roughly the height of an 18-story building – these “monopile” structures are pretty much out of the question.

      A solution has emerged that’s being tested in several locations around the world: making wind turbines that float.

    • • A World-First: Green Hydrogen-to-Homes Heating Network
      The H100 Fife Project


      July 5, 2021 -SGN's world-first hydrogen-to-homes networks will use clean offshore wind power to heat homes while cutting out carbon.

      The emergence of wind power as a large-scale source of clean energy is a key part of the hydrogen growth puzzle. It provides the scale necessary to generate large amounts of clean power needed for electrolysis – the process that creates hydrogen.

    • • Largest Single Wind Project Comes to New Jersey
      Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind Awarded Contract to Develop 1,510 MW of Wind Power


      June 30, 2021 ) -Today, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities awarded Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind(Atlantic Shores) a contract to develop 1,510 megawatt (MW) in offshore wind energy, enough to power over 700,000 homes. Atlantic Shores is a 50-50 joint venture between EDF Renewables North America and Shell New Energies US, and its Lease Area is located approximately 10-20 miles off the coast of New Jersey between Atlantic City and Barnegat Light.

      In total, the 1,510 MW project will bring $848 million in guaranteed local economic benefits to the state. This is the largest single project in New Jersey and the third largest in the United States.

    • • Wind-power That Fits in Your Backpack
      A Powerful Solution to
      Your Device-Charging Problem


      June 18, 2021 ( -A modern problem of the off-grid and outdoorsy lifestyle is how to keep your devices powered. Battery packs are one option, but they have limited use and can be heavy and bulky.

      The team at Aurea Technologies has come to the rescue with the Shine Turbine, a compact and lightweight wind-powered turbine that offers renewable energy to outdoor enthusiasts who need to recharge electronic devices.

      Click now for a slideshow.
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    • • US R.E. Giant Refuses to Pay Ransom to Hackers
      Invenergy Was Reportedly Hacked
      by a Russian-linked Ransomware
      Cartel, But Won't Be Giving
      In to Their Demands


      June 14, 2021 -Wind farm developer Invenergy was reportedly hacked and threatened with the release of personal details of its CEO by a notorious ransomware gang over the weekend.

      The US clean energy firm does not intend to pay any ransom after discovering unauthorized breaches on some of its information systems, according to the Financial Times.

      Operations at its 12.2GW operational wind fleet were not impacted during the hack.

    • • Offshore Wind Will Play a Major Role in D.O.E.'s Plans
      Collaboration Increases Reach
      and Impact of NREL R&D


      June 13, 2021 -The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the White House have made offshore wind a centerpiece of plans to strengthen the nation’s energy infrastructure, announcing a goal to deploy 30 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030 — a huge leap from the 42 megawatts (MW) currently in operation.

      Not only could this provide enough electricity to power 10 million American homes and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 78 million metric tons, it could also support as many as 77,000 new jobs.

    • • Oil & Gas Now Has a Competitor in the Gulf of Mexico
      It's None Other Than Wind Power


      June 10, 2021 -If you are feeling a sudden frisson of excitement issue out from Louisiana, it’s not just you. Clean power fans in the Pelican State are eager to shed a generations-old oil and gas legacy in favor of offshore wind turbines, and the US Department of the Interior has just served up the opportunity on a golden platter.

    • • Green Hydrogen Plant to Go Online in France
      An Offshore Hydrogen Production
      Plant Powered by a Floating Wind
      Turbine Will Launch in 2022


      June 4, 2021 -The hydrogen production system will be installed at the SEM-REV demonstration site, off the coast of Le Croisic in France where it will be linked with the Floatgen wind turbine. According to Centrale Nantes, this will be the world’s first offshore green hydrogen production facility to go into operation.

      The project will be set up by French renewable hydrogen project developer Lhyfe, in collaboration with Chantiers de l’Atlantique, who will install the electrolyser on GEPS Techno’s floating platform at the SEM-REV site and connect it to various marine renewable energy sources, including Floatgen.

    • • Maps Show Where U.S. Wind and Solar Need to Grow
      This is So That
      America Can Meet Its Goals


      May 28, 2021 - The United States is now aiming to bring emissions down to net-zero by 2050, meaning the country would eliminate as much greenhouse gas as it emits. To reach that goal, Americans will need to get a lot more of their energy from renewable sources like wind and solar farms.

      One of the most recent studies on the subject, Princeton University’s Net-Zero America Report, charted five pathways to net-zero, and all of them required the United States to exceed the current pace of building for solar panels and wind turbines.

    Of Interest

    • • Windpower From Kite Turbines
      Low-Cost Renewable Energy
      Concept For Wind Turbines

      May, 2021, (SOLARIMPULSE FOUNDATION)-Using kites flying at higher altitudes, the kite turbines are accessing better wind resources. They provide clean energy in a more stable pattern than other renewable energy solutions. Thanks to the kite principle, they require 90% less material resources and hence they are more economically attractive. Kite turbines take off like drones using four propellers.

    • • We Can Now 3D Print Wind Turbine Blades
      GE Awarded DoE Grant
      to Research That Technology

      Feb. 8, 2021 (Renewable Energy World)-GE Research, GE Renewable Energy, and LM Wind Power, a GE Renewable Energy business were recently selected by the US Department of Energy (DoE) to research the design and manufacture of 3D printed wind turbine blades.

      The GE business units will partner with the Oakridge National Lab and the National Renewable Energy Lab on a 25-month $6.7 million project to develop and demonstrate an integrated additive manufacturing process for novel high-performance blade designs for the future of large rotors.

    • • All About Wind Energy (Free Download)
      The Facts About Wind Energy

      Climate Reality Project - For thousands of years, people across the globe have harnessed the power of wind in one way or another – whether to pump water, grind grain, or propel boats. But today, wind has become a powerful way of generating electricity. And better yet, it’s renewable and doesn’t pollute the air we breathe.

      Cities, states, countries, and companies around the world are increasingly turning to wind energy to power our world. But, thanks to Big Polluters, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. In this e-book, we set the story straight and give you the facts so you know what to say the next time you hear a Big Polluter talking point about wind power.

    • • Wind Power Gets Its Day In the Sun
      Vestas and EDPR Install
      Single-Converter Wind-Solar Hybrid

      Mar. 28, 2018 - The two companies installed the demonstrator – which consists of a V112-3.0MW turbine and a new 372kW solar PV array – at EDPR’s Janda III wind farm in Cádiz, south-west Spain.

      Power from the solar PV panels is fed to the turbine as direct current, which is then converted and transformed by the turbine’s power conversion system, which Vestas upgraded especially for the project, to export power to the grid.

      By connecting wind and solar through the turbine’s electronics and using its full-scale converter, the number of converters is reduced, the two companies explained.

    • • The Advantages of Off-Shore Wind
      Study Finds Offshore
      Wind Farms Have Powerful
      Advantage Over Land Turbines

      Oct. 9, 2017  Floating wind turbines at sea could create up to three times as much electricity as turbines on land, increasing the energy potential for a technology that has yet to be proven at scale, a new study suggests.

    • • Hornsea Project Two (HP2)
      (Right Off the Yorkshire Coast)
      Hornsea Project Two, North Sea

      Sep. 19, 2017  (Power Technology) — Hornsea Project Two (HP2) is being constructed within the Hornsea Zone of the North Sea, UK. With a total capacity of approximately 1.4GW, the wind farm is expected to be the largest of its kind worldwide.

      Project developer Ørsted (previously Dong Energy) gained the rights to the project in August 2015 through the acquisition of SMartWind, a 50:50 joint venture (JV) between Mainstream Renewable Power and Siemens Financial Services.

      The scoping report for the project was completed in 2012. The consent application was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for examination in January 2015 and completed in March 2016.

    • • What the Top of a Turbine Look Like
      SOn Top of a Wind Turbine, or On Top of the World

      Apr. 25, 2017  -Stand atop a wind turbine and you get some powerful perspective. When you’re 280 feet off the ground, your feet clinging to the deck, the breeze blowing past, you’ve got a clear view of the power of wind energy. Wath the video.

    • • Nearly Half of Danish Power Comes From Wind
      Over 47% of Their Energy was
      Generated by Wind Turbines in 2019

      Jan. 3, 2020(CleanTechnica),- Power generated by wind turbines at sea increased to 18% last year from 14% in 2018, while onshore wind accounted for 29%.

      Denmark is a world leader in renewable energy and is way ahead of its nearest rival Ireland, which generated 28 per cent of its energy from wind in 2018.

      Click now for the story.
    • • A New Approach to Capture the Power of Offshore Wind
      It's Called “Wind Catching”

      June 2, 2021, (WindCatching.com)-Designed to optimize energy production for a floating wind power plant for easy operations and maintenance.

      • Elevator based turbine installation – all heavy operations performed on deck

      • No need for specialized vessels or cranes

      • 50 year design life

      • Power to X – production and storage

    • • Robotic Wind Blade Repair
      BladeBUG Inspects, Resurfaces, and
      Repairs Wind Turbine Blades Remotely

      (CleanTechnica),Here’s a story about a tiny little bit of technology that could have a significant impact on renewable energy, particularly wind turbines. Efficiency is a big deal in the world of wind and solar energy. Dust, dirt, pollen and bird droppings can reduce the efficiency of solar panels, so people have invented ways to wash them in order to keep them producing electricity as efficiently as possible.

      Wind turbines have blades that can be hundreds of feet long and weigh thousands of pounds. Not only do they operate high up in the air, many are located miles offshore where accessing them is both difficult and hazardous.

    • • It's a Breeze for Dutch Trains
      Dutch Trains Are World's First
      to Run on 100% Wind Power

      Jan. 16, 2017  -The Netherlands, aka Windmill Country, is now operating 100 percent of its electric trains with wind energy.

    • • Wind Systems Trends to Watch
      Advanced Blade Pitch
      Systems Trends to Watch

      Dec.5, 2016  -The latest developments in blade pitch technology have opened new opportunities for wind turbine manufacturers. We will look at five key trends of this rapidly evolving technology and three important insights to keep in mind to make wise pitch system decisions, avoid pitfalls, and choose the right pitch partner.

    • • Wind Farm Like Ivory Soap
      SOffshore Wind Farms See
      Promise in Platforms That Float

      Sept.29, 2016  The sun was beating down on the leafy campus of the University of Maine one afternoon last month. But inside a hangarlike laboratory, a miniature hurricane was raging.

    • • Scottish Wind: (Bagpipes Not Included)
      SAmerica’s First Offshore Wind
      Farm May Power Up a New Industry

      Aug. 22, 2016  The idea of building turbines offshore, where strong, steady wind could, in theory, generate large amounts of power, has long been seen as a vital step toward a future based on renewable energy.

    • • High-Speed Wind Turbine Assembly
      Right Before Your Eyes
      Video by Mid-American Energy

      Enjoy this high-speed video showing the assembly of a giant wind turbine.

    • • How Wind Turbines Work
      What You Need to Know

      July 23, 2021 (ZME Science) -They look like airplane propellers running circles on the spot, spinning round and round all day long. Wind turbines take the kinetic energy from the wind and use their giant rotors to capture some of it turn it into electricity, and they may play a key role in saving us from catastrophic climate change. Let’s take a closer look at how wind turbines actually work.

      Wind turbines are based on a simple principle, in essence: the wind turns the blades, which causes the axis to rotate, which is attached to a generator, which produces electricity. The stronger the wind, the more electricity is generated. That’s why we usually see industrial-scale wind farms with high towers and large blades across the world: larger blades can gather more power and are more efficient. But while the basic principle is simple, the technology is complex.

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    8 MW Turbines

    Adwen Logo
    Adwen’s AD 5-135 turbine obtaind the first Type Certificate based on the Guideline for the Certification of Offshore Wind Turbines, Edition 2012 issued by DNV GL. This new guideline updates the previous version from 2005 to fully comply with GL’s Guideline for Onshore Wind Turbines, edition 2010, and to cover IEC 61400, parts 1 and 3.


    energy storage

    AES Logo
    AES Energy Storage is a subsidiary of The AES Corporation, a company that has served utility customers around the world for more than 30 years, helping them to deliver safe, reliable power.

    First Wind

    Their slogan is, "Clean Energy Made Here"

    First Wind Logo
    First Wind is an independent North American wind energy company exclusively focused on the development, financing, construction, ownership and operation of utility-scale wind energy projects in the United States.  Based in Boston, First Wind has developed and operates 875 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity at 15 wind energy projects in Maine, New York, Vermont, Utah and Hawaii.  First Wind is also currently managing the construction of an additional project with 105 MW of generation capacity.

    GE’s Haliade-X Offshore Wind Turbine

    Prototype Operating at 13 MW


    Rotterdam, October 22nd 2020 -- GE Renewable Energy announced today that its Haliade-X prototype, the world’s most powerful wind turbine operating to date, has been optimized and is now operating at a 13 MW power output. The prototype will undergo a series of tests to perform different types of measurements and obtain its type certificate in the coming months.
    The Haliade-X 13 MW, which is an uprated version of the prototype that has been successfully operating in Rotterdam since November 2019, recently secured its provisional type certificate§ and set a new world record by generating 288 MWh in one single day.
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    Helix Wind

    Small is Beautiful:
    Helix Power Sees a
    Small Wind Turbine On Every Rooftop

    Helix Wind Logo
    While many companies are still pursuing big centralized wind farm projects, such as the one near Palm Springs, CA, there’s also a movement to install smaller wind turbines in backyards and on rooftops.
    Scott Weinbrandt spent 25 years working in computer technology, including 10 years as an executive at Dell, the direct-sales computer giant, as well as time as a senior vice president at Gateway, the onetime San Diego computer maker that is now part of Acer. During that time, the computer industry moved from centralized mainframes to distributed personal computers.


    Off-Shore Wind Energy Platforms

    Nenuphar Logo
    Nenuphar Better balance: Vertical-axis wind turbines, like this dry-land prototype developed by Nenuphar, could make offshore wind more economical. Credit: Nenuphar Wind turbines attached to floating buoys can harness stronger, more sustained winds in the open ocean.
    But the floats now used for such deep-water installations may prove prohibitively expensive because the buoys needed to keep them above water are enormous. Now a project in France is turning the turbine design on its head for what developers hope will be a low-cost alternative.
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    New Wind

    New Wind Wind Generators
    Wind power is a 2.0 by NewWind power generation system in the form of tree whose leaves act like so many mini wind turbines. Taking advantage of the lower air flow, it can operate all types of wind 360 ° turbulent and laminar, urban and natural environment. His design of biomimetic inspiration allows seamless integration into all types of landscape, whether urban or rural. All the technology is invisible; no cables or apparent generators, everything is integrated in the branches and trunks. The silence of operation vertical axis cancels the noise of traditional wind turbines.





    Wind Turbines With Fewer Parts

    Siemans Logo
    Demand for clean power generation is growing.
    With highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines, Siemens has a demonstrated history in delivering proven solutions to onshore, coastal and offshore sites. Siemens Wind Power’s service team is dedicated to keeping the turbines running optimally throughout their entire lifecycle. Siemens also offers integrated solutions and services that meet the demands of the entire wind energy conversion chain.
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    Vestas Wind

    Vespa Low Wind Turbine
    Vestas launches new V126-3.0 MW turbine with structural shell blade design.
    The turbine is the latest variant of the 3 MW platform on which the V112-3.0 MW is built. Vestas will continue to optimise this platform in order to offer further options to the customers.


    Vortex Bladeless

    Vortex Bladeless Logo
    A technological leap forward and a revolution in wind energy. A more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to produce energy.




    Vortex Bladeless LogoWomen of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy

    Answering a call for representation for women across all sectors of renewable energy, the nonprofit organization Women of Wind Energy (WoWE) has formally changed its name.