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Last Update: Nov.22, 2020
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Despite the "Clean Coal" claims of industry
spokesmen, their product is one of the dirtiest,
most polluting fossil fuels in use today.
How does it sully?

Let me count the ways...

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Of Interest

Health Effects

Of Interest

  • Gone: the Stream Protection Rule
  • Tone Down Coal Job Promises
  • Black Lung Surges in Appalachia
  • Coal Plants in Dutch
  • 1. The air we breathe
  • 2. The foods we eat
  • 3. The water we drink
  • 4. Our body's health
  • 5. Our mountaintops
  • 6. The Dirt on Coal
  • Other Uses For Coal
  • Duke's Retired Coal Plant
  • Clean Coal: a Marketing Myth
  • Film: From the Ashes

  • The Coal Import Story

    The U.S. has over 27% of the world's coal reserves , most of which is the high-sulphur variety. So coal plants that have not been retrofitted with scrubbers cannot legally burn most domestic coal.

    The cost of such scrubbers can run into the billons, forcing some plants toimport coal from countries as far away as Indonesia!

    So the industry can't claim an abundance of this 'cheap' resource, without mentioning the cost of getting it here, including the carbon footprint associated with shipping it. In fact, only 4 U.S. states are responsible for the majority of coal production: Wyoming, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

    Click now for the complete study.

    Source: Based on data from Energy Information Administration. 2010. Form EIA-923 (Schedule 2). Online at http://www.eia.doe. gov/cneaf/electricity/ page/eia423.html.

    Guess Who's Building a
    Coal-fired Power Plant?

    Oman, a land blessed with huge petroleum reserves and sunlight that can't be topped, wants to add another dirty power plant to their mix.

    Click now to read more about
    this environmental insult.

    Coal Miner Tragedies

    The Obama administration has issued an emergency order to underground mine operators to strengthen a crucial safety measure to prevent explosions of coal dust, a highly flammable substance that has been blamed for deadly mine disasters for decades.

    Investigators say coal dust likely was a key factor in the April 5 explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine in Raleigh County, W.Va.,that killed 29 people, considered the worst US coal-mining disasterin 40 years.

    The emergency order, issued on Tuesday by the US Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), will force mine operators to increase the amount of incombustible “rock dust” that is applied across walls, floors and all other surfaces of their underground operations.

    Click now for the complete story.

    Fish Endangered by Mercury

    Thanks, coal

    Women who are pregnant, or who expect to be, must severely limit their consumption of certain fish. Read this report by the FDA, warning about safe limits of what was once known as health-food.

    The report also discusses which fish are the most harmful. Some varieties of the same fish are less safe than others, such as tuna.

    Click now to read the report.

    Coal Ash
    Foreign Coal
    in the U.S.

    Coal Miner Tragedies

    Endangered Foods

    Coal Plants
    in Oman?

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