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Sept. 6, 2023

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    Coal Industry News In the Past Year (Latest Stories First)

    Coal Smoke Choke

    • • West Virginia Coal-Fired
      Plant, Plans Hydrogen Conversion
      This Will Be Done
      by the New Plant Owner

      [POWER Engineering], Aug. 31, 2023 -Jet Zero is working with Northrop Grumman and Scaled Composites. They selected Pratt Whitney for the engines.

      A West Virginia coal-fired plant that had been targeted for retirement was restarted August 30 by a new owner that plans to retrofit the facility to use hydrogen to generate electricity, Gov. Jim Justice announced.

      Last month California company Omnis Fuel Technologies signed an agreement to purchase the Pleasants Power Station on the Ohio River near Belmont in Pleasants County. Justice said Omnis plans to invest $800 million in the plant.

    • • Indonesia Delays $20bn Green Plan
      This is After Split With Rich Nations On Grants and New Coal Plants


      Aug. 16, 2023 -Indonesia has delayed the launch of a $20 billion clean energy plan as it needs more time to bridge divisions with wealthy donor nations on financing terms and new coal plants.

      The investment blueprint is supposed to set out how foreign funding will help wean the Southeast Asian country off coal. But international talks on it have been tense, with Indonesia wanting more money on better terms from rich countries.

    • • From a Coal Plant to a Renewable Energy Project
      The Latest Move From Kentucky


      July 26, 2023 -Starfire Mine, formerly one of the largest coal mines in the United States, will be the new site of an 800 MW solar energy center used by Rivian Automotives and nonprofit The Nature Conservancy.

      The announcement was made by global renewable power producer BrightNight. Once complete, the BrightNight Starfire Renewable Energy Center will have an 800 MW capacity, producing enough electricity to power over 500,000 households. It will be the largest renewable power project in Kentucky and one of the largest in the nation to be built on former mine lands, representing a $1 billion infrastructure investment.

    • • Carbon Capture Faces a Major Test in N. Dakota
      Project Tundra and the Viability of Retrofitting Coal Plants to Capture Carbon


      July 6, 2023 -Energy companies have talked for years about how carbon capture technology will preserve their ability to burn coal and natural gas in a world that needs to drastically cut carbon emissions.

      Last week we learned some more about a project that may be an important test case.

    • • A Huge Bangladesh Coal Power
      Plant Keeps Running Out of Coal
      Early Warnings for
      Countries, Especially Poorer Ones


      June 18, 2023 - One of the world痴 newest, most contested coal-burning power plants began operation in December. By January, it had ground to a halt for a month. Again, in April, it sat idle for 23 days.

      The reason: It didn稚 have coal to burn.

    • • Renewables Now Dominate Coal in the US
      This is a First for America


      June 14, 2023 - For the first time ever, renewables have outpaced coal, the most polluting energy source. The data covers a five-month period in the US, according to a review of federal data by E&E News. The milestone shows how the power sector is changing across the country, with renewables taking over fossil fuels to bring down greenhouse gas emissions.

    • • India: No New Coal Plants For Five Years
      They're Betting on
      Renewables and Batteries

      AP Logo

      June 1, 2023 - The Indian government will not consider any proposals for new coal plants for the next five years and focus on growing its renewables sector, according to an updated national electricity plan released Wednesday evening.

      The temporary pause in the growth of the dirty fuel was hailed by energy experts as a positive step for a country that is currently reliant on coal for around 75% of its electricity.

    • • New Zealand: Biggest Emissions
      Reduction Project in History
      It Will Use Government Funds To Transition From Coal to Electricity at New Zealand痴 Largest Steel Plant


      May 21, 2023 -New Zealand has announced its largest emissions reduction project in history, transitioning from coal to renewable electricity at the country痴 major steel plant in a move that the government says is equivalent to taking 300,000 cars off the road.

      The government will spend $140m on halving the coal used at Glenbrook steel plant to recycle scrap steel, replacing that generating power with an electric-powered furnace. The plant will contribute $160m to the project痴 cost.

    • • E.P.A.'s Crackdown on
      Toxic Coal Ash From Landfills
      Another Environmental Threat is Handled


      May 17, 2023 - The Biden administration is moving to close a loophole that had exempted hundreds of inactive coal ash landfills from rules designed to prevent heavy metals like mercury and arsenic from seeping into groundwater, the Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday.

      Coal ash, a byproduct from burning coal in power plants, contains lead, lithium and mercury. Those metals can pollute waterways and drinking water supplies and have been linked to health effects, including cancer, birth defects and developmental delays in children. They are also toxic to fish.

    • • Experts Forecast Big Drop
      in New Coal-Fired Power Plants
      It Just Doesn't Make Sense to Keep Investing In Coal


      May 10, 2023 -Our fight against climate change seems to be one step forward and two steps back. But maybe, just maybe, this time it could be two steps forward and one step back.

      By the middle of last year, countries around the world announced the construction of new coal power plants totaling 476 gigawatts. Considering how much greenhouse gas coal emits, this would make it impossible to meet the world痴 climate targets. However, 50% of those projects are set to be canceled, a study found.

    • • Coal Divestment Does Work!
      Now The Finance Industry Must Reject Requests For Coal Capital


      Apr. 26, 2023 - It痴 clear: bank divestment from coal reduces carbon dioxide emissions. That痴 because the coal industry is reliant on large amounts of capital, typically from banks. When they don稚 have it, they struggle.

    • • More Federal Funding For
      Pennsylvania to Combat Coal Mining's Impact
      Earlier On Fish Couldn稚 Survive in the Aylesworth Reservoir Lake

      AF Logo

      Federal funding secured in the 1990s helped to construct an acid mine drainage treatment facility about a half mile from the lake, said Bernie McGurl, the executive director of the Lackawanna River Conservation Association. It fell into disrepair and in the early 2000s was restored again with federal funding.

    • • Legal Action Mooted Over Welsh
      Ffos-y-Fran Ongoing Opencast Mining
      Climate Campaigners Consider Legal Action Over Ongoing Coal Mining at the Nation's Largest Opencast Mine

      BCL Logo

      Apr. 13, 2023 -Digging for coal at Ffos-y-Fran, near Merthyr Tydfil, was supposed to stop last September after 15 years.

      The mine's operator has applied for an extension and is waiting on a decision.

    • • The Toll of Coal Plants
      Earth Could Warm 3 Degrees if Nations Keep Building Them


      Apr. 7, 2023 -Earth is on track to significantly overshoot a critical global climate target, largely because not enough coal-fired power plants are being retired, researchers warned in two new reports. Some nations are even planning new coal projects despite promising two years ago to begin reducing their use of the world痴 dirtiest fossil fuel.

    • • Clean Energy Projects vs. Coal Mines
      Biden Offers $450M to Get It Done


      Apr. 5, 2023 - The Biden administration is making $450 million available for solar farms and other clean energy projects at the site of current or former coal mines, part of his efforts to combat climate change.

      As many as five projects nationwide will be funded through the 2021 infrastructure law, with at least two projects set aside for solar farms, the White House said Tuesday.

    • • Kentucky Is No Leader in Renewables
      The State is Dead Last
      for Wind and Solar Production


      Mar. 31, 2023 -Andy McDonald recalls a decade-old Kentucky legislative hearing on an energy diversification bill with the same sense of frustration that he felt back then, when he testified before a panel of lawmakers who were mostly coal industry loyalists.

      McDonald, a clean energy advocate and energy policy consultant, was armed with a study by Synapse Energy Economics of Boston that made an economic case for requiring utilities to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

      Lawmakers didn't buy it.

    • • U.S. Renewables Surpassed Coal in 2022
      This Was a First


      Mar. 30, 2023 -Renewables also surpassed nuclear generation in 2022 after first doing so last year.

      Growth in wind and solar significantly drove the increase in renewable energy and contributed 14% of the electricity produced domestically in 2022. Hydropower contributed 6%, and biomass and geothermal sources generated less than 1%.

    • • The Coal Challenge
      Forecasts For Global Warming Assume That Developing Countries Will Quit Coal Rapidly. South Africa痴 Case Shows That It Won稚 Be Easy


      Mar. 3, 2023 -Getting rid of coal is often seen as the easier part of the global transition to renewable energy. Developed countries have made great strides in abandoning coal, and investors have long avoided it.

      But for some developing countries, it hasn稚 been so easy. Today, I asked my colleague Lynsey Chutel, who痴 based in South Africa and has been following the country痴 shift to renewables, to help us understand why.

    • • China is Still Moving Ahead With Coal Power
      This Is Despite the Climate Crisis


      Feb. 28, 2023 -Last year, China approved the highest number of new coal-fired power plants since 2015, according to a new report, showing how the world痴 largest emitter still relies on a fossil fuel that scientists agree must be quickly phased out to address the climate crisis. China approved the construction of 106GW of coal power capacity, four times more than in 2022.

      The report, released this week by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) and the Global Energy Monitor (GEM), found that 50 GW worth of coal-processing infrastructure out of the new 106 GW approved are already under construction across China.

    • • Almost All Coal Plants in the US
      Are More Expensive Than New Renewables
      There's Basically No Reason
      to Cling On to Coal


      Feb. 1, 2023 -The writing is on the wall for coal power it痴 no longer just a question of environmental responsibility, but also economic viability. A new report reveals that energy from all but one coal-fired power plant in the US is more expensive than rapidly evolving solar and wind energy. Thanks to plummeting costs for renewables, the decline of the coal industry seems unavoidable.

    • • Rare Earth Elements Could
      Be Pulled From Coal Waste
      The Scheme Would Provide Valuable Metals and Help Clean Up Coal Mining痴 Dirty Legacy


      Jan. 20, 2023 -In Appalachia痴 coal country, researchers envision turning toxic waste into treasure. The pollution left behind by abandoned mines is an untapped source of rare earth elements.

      Rare earths are a valuable set of 17 elements needed to make everything from smartphones and electric vehicles to fluorescent bulbs and lasers.

    • • A Deal to Help South Africa Quit
      Coal Is a Breakthrough for the World
      The Country Has Relied Heavily On Coal For Electricity Generation


      Jan. 14, 2023 -South Africa generates 80 percent of its electricity by burning coal, more than any other industrialized nation. Some 200,000 people are directly employed by the coal mines, coal transports and coal-fired power plants that dot the flatlands east of Johannesburg, but the prosperity of the rest of the nation also rests on a foundation of black rock.

    • • Thousands Protest in Germany
      Against Coal Mine Expansion
      Rain Did Not Keep the Crowd Down

      AP Logo

      Jan. 14, 2023 -Thousands of people demonstrated in persistent rain on Saturday to protest the clearance and demolition of a village in western Germany that is due to make way for the expansion of a coal mine. There were standoffs with police as some protesters tried to reach the edge of the mine and the village itself.

      Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg joined the demonstrators as they protested the clearance of Luetzerath, walking through the nearby village of Keyenberg and past muddy fields. Protesters chanted 摘very village stays and 添ou are not alone.

    • •  $15.5bn Mobilised for
      Vietnam痴 Coal-To-Clean Transition
      The Deal Will Help Vietnam to Peak Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions 5 Years Earlier Than Planned and More


      CLIMATE HOME NEWS, Dec. 14, 2021 -Wealthy countries and banks will provide $15.5 billion to help Vietnam transition away from coal, the UK foreign ministry announced on Wednesday.

      Half of the money is to come from governments, the Asian Development Bank and the International Finance Corporation. The rest will come from private investment co-ordinated by the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.

    • • A Montana Coal Mine痴 Descent Into Chaos
      The Signal Peak Mine Was Embroiled in a Web of Criminal Activity


      Jan. 13, 2023 -Larry Price Jr., a 42-year-old father of six, was an industrious businessman who ran surface operations at an underground mine, one of the nation痴 largest, near Roundup, Mont.

      As night fell, a driver traveling along a state road some 20 miles away from Bluefield noticed a man on the roadside: a disheveled Mr. Price, who was rushed to a hospital. He told investigators he had been abducted by an outlaw biker gang that drugged him and took him to his motorcycle shop where they robbed him before loading him into a van and dumping him on the roadside.

      But the whole thing was staged.

    • • The New UK Coal Mine
      In a Full-Fledged Climate Emergency This Is Not Helping the Cause

      ZME Science

      -Dec. 8, 2022 - Michael Gove, a controversial British politician, has greenlighted the first new UK coal mine in decades, despite firm opposition from environmental experts, the general public, and even his own party colleagues. The coal will largely be used for exports and will add 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year the equivalent of adding 200,000 diesel cars on the road.

    • • Standoff Over W.Va Devotion to Coal Power
      Prices Are Soaring


      Nov. 20, 2022 -West Virginia regulators accuse American Electric Power of driving up costs with skimpy use of its coal plants. Others say the high costs of those aging plants are a growing burden to citizens in one of the nation's poorest states.

    • • Vietnam Nears $11 Billion-Plus
      Deal to Shift Economy from Coal
      Decarbonizing Power Sector, Activists Among Last Deal Hurdles

      BCL Logo

      Nov 16, 2022 - Vietnam is set to follow Indonesia and South Africa with a climate financing package of at least $11 billion to shift its economy away from coal and boost the rollout of renewable energy sources.

      Vietnam and its donor countries, led by the European Union and the UK, are aiming to announce the Just Energy Transition Partnership funding deal -- which could total as much as $14 billion -- at the EU-ASEAN summit on Dec. 14, according to people familiar to the matter.

    • • Wealthy Nations Offer Indonesia
      $20 Billion to Curb Coal
      The Most Ambitious Effort Yet By the U.S and European Countries to Persuade a Developing Nation to Abandon the Dirtiest of the Fossil Fuels


      Nov 15, 2022 - Indonesia, one of the world痴 largest consumers of coal, pledged to sharply reduce its reliance on the fossil fuel and speed up its transition to renewable power as part of a $20 billion climate finance deal announced on Tuesday with the United States, Japan and other developed countries.

    • • South Africa's Transition From Coal
      It Could Be a Model For Other Countries

      ZME Science

      Nov. 4, 2022 -Ahead of the U.N. climate summit in Egypt, South Africa's president announced a plan today to help the country transition away from coal-fired power plants. South Africa relies on coal for nearly 90% of its electricity. The U.S. is among several wealthy countries trying to help it switch to clean energy. The Allegheny Front's Reid Frazier reports this deal could become a model for helping other countries.

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    • • China Is Burning More Coal
      A Growing Climate Challenge


      Nov. 3, 2022 -China is poised to take advantage of the global urgency to tackle climate change. It is the world痴 dominant manufacturer and user of solar panels and wind turbines. It leads the world in producing energy from hydroelectric dams and is building more nuclear power plants than any other country.

      But China also burns more coal than the rest of the world combined and has accelerated mining and the construction of coal-fired power plants, driving up the country痴 emissions of energy-related greenhouse gases nearly 6 percent last year, the fastest pace in a decade. And China痴 addiction to coal is likely to endure for years, even decades.

    • • Portugal Just Shut Down
      Its Last Coal-Fired Power Plant
      It's Boldly Moving Towards 80% Renewables by 2026

      ZME Science

      Oct. 21, 2022 -In the small town of Pego, in central Portugal some 120 kilometers (70 miles) away from Lisbon, the smoke stacks and cooling towers of the country痴 longest-lived coal power plant peer towards the sky. But no smoke has been seen emerging from these stacks for one year now. The plan was shut down last November, after more than 30 years of operation.

      It was closed down eight years sooner than planned and just a few months after the Sines coal plant and it was the last coal-fired power plant to operate in the country.

    • • Lululemon Criticized for Using
      Coal-Powered Factories to Make Clothes
      Campaign Raises Complicated
      Questions About Sustainability
      And Consumerism


      Sep. 16, 2022 - Yoga apparel company lululemon is coming under scrutiny for how its clothes are made. A new campaign says that many of its products come from coal-fired factories in Asia, a fact that is inconsistent with lululemon's claims to be a sustainably-minded and ethical company.

      An open letter to Glenn K. Murphy, chairman of the board, has so far collected 1,698 signatories from 30 countries, all self-identified as either yoga students or teachers. The letter asks that lululemon commit to phasing out coal and sourcing 100% renewable energy to power its entire supply chain by 2030.

    (More on the Coal's Not Clean Page)