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All you need to know about the
environment, and the dangers
it faces, is only a click away

Saturday, April 22, is Earth Day.
For the sake of the planet,
let's make EVERY DAY Earth Day.
Click here to help make that happen.


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Sept. 23, 2023

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• Earth Day 2023

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A Year of Life on Earth in 3 Minutes

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Why We Call It
"Our Neighborhood Earth"

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Why do we call it “Our Neighborhood Earth?”

Because no matter the national label, be it:
"terre", "dharti","di qiu","la tierra",
"zemlia", "Erde", "jord", "De aard",
"chikyu", "di qiu","mundus", "Zamin",
"daigdig", "Kawkab al Ard" or "Tero",
it's still our neighborhood.

A good example is the CCOVID19 pandemic.
No matter where it started, it has reached over the entire globe.

Learn about our neighborhood Earth, and how to
protect it from those who seek to profit from it.

Are they looking out for the health
and environmental consequences?

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